How To Put Timer on iPhone Camera

How To Put Timer on iPhone Camera
How To Put Timer on iPhone Camera

how to put timer on iPhone camera and off, it is a very simple and basic thing. For those who are not quite sure what it is so the camera timer you can set it. 

let’s say you’re gonna be taking a picture a group picture you can set the timer. the camera button to start counting down. 

you can run and get in your picture and it’ll take your picture and then you’re in the picture instead of having somebody else take it for you that type of thing. 

and the way to do it is there used to be little icons right up here with the new update that has gone now you hit this little arrow button and you will see this clock looking type of logo go ahead and select that.


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and from here you can see that there is a timer off 3 second and 10 seconds so 3ds 10s. so i’m just going to go ahead and demonstrate real real quick here.

i set it to the 3s it’s going to go ahead. i hit the hit the thing to take a picture it counts down, it flashes on the backside, and it takes a picture. 

you guys can see it took a picture there it’s going to go ahead and go in here again and change it to 10 seconds.

and it gives you a count down here on the front side or on the facing side it is giving you a countdown with flashes so four three two one zero boom and it took a picture. 

how to use timer on iPhone camera

how to use timer on iPhone camera, so you guys you could see it pop up right there so let’s say you have that on and you want to get it get rid of it. 

it should be the same thing it’ll be looking something similar to this. you’ll have that icon up on the top right if you just go ahead and select that. 

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it’ll bring you up to here you can go ahead and select that to off so if you have it selected it should be right up here at the top and if you don’t all you have to do is press that little arrow bring up the menu down here.

no matter where it’s at it’s the one that looks like a little clock select that set your timer or turn it off. 

so that is my quick tutorial on how to put timer on iPhone camera and off. This is for Phone series 13 phones and everything under should be the same with that’s running the same operating system.

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