iPhone Instructions for Seniors Find My iPhone

iPhone Instructions for Seniors

Keep in mind that Find my iPhone can only be used maximally in conditions of stable internet, and strong signal, don’t forget Apple ID, and the phone has activated the feature. 

iPhone Instructions for Seniors
iPhone Instructions for Seniors

The advantage of the default iPhone search feature when it is activated is that it makes it easier for you when you have to backup data via another iOS device. 

Therefore, iPhone instructions for seniors are very important for iOS device owners to immediately activate this iPhone search feature because it can be relied upon when critical situations such as losing their cellphone.

A. Download and install the Find My iPhone application on the App Store

After opening the App Store page, press the blue ‘Get’ button in the top right corner followed by the install button to download and install the app. You can also download the app from iTunes and sync it with your iOS device.

B. Activate Find My iPhone

Once installed, tap the Settings icon, followed by the iCloud option in the Settings menu. Enter your Apple ID in the resulting pop-up window if prompted. Scroll down the menu, select the Find My iPhone option and switch the on-off indicator to the right then select the Allow option in the pop-up window that appears.

Until this step, Find my iPhone is already active and can be used when in an emergency when you lose or forget to save.

C. Find your iOS device

You can use another iOS device or your iCloud account over the Web to search for a lost or stolen device. Keep in mind that you won’t find your device if you didn’t activate Find My iPhone before you lost your device.

Those are iPhone instructions for seniors on how to track a lost iPhone via its default features and activation process.

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