Apple iPhone User Guide Favorite of Many Users

Apple iPhone User Guide

Apple devices with a simple but luxurious body design are a favorite of many users. There are several buttons that have different positions and functions. In the following, we will discuss the Apple iPhone user guide about the buttons on the iPhone.

Apple iPhone user guide
Apple iPhone user guide

If you place iPhone on a flat surface with the screen facing up, all the buttons on iPhone have the following positions:

A. Power Button

This button is on the right side of the device. Press the button once when the phone is on to turn off the screen and press it again to turn on the screen. 

You can also press and hold it to turn on and off iPhone or turn off an iPhone that is still on.

B. Volume keys

This button is located on the left side of the phone body. The bottom button is used to lower the volume of music, videos, or ringtones, while the top button is used to increase the volume. Pressing the volume button when the camera is active, the button changes to the Shutter button to take photos.

C. Silent switch button

This button is a toggle at the top of the row of buttons on the left side of the device. If the switch is shifted upwards, the phone will start in sound mode. 

Meanwhile, if the switch is shifted down, the ringtone will be muted and the vibrate mode will be activated.

D. Home Button

This button is circular and is located at the bottom of the phone screen. Click the button once to unlock the iPhone from the lock page. 

In addition, you can also click the Home button to exit the running application, and double-click it to display all the running applications.

That’s all from the discussion about the Apple iPhone user guide about the position and function of the buttons.

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