How to Split Screen on iPhone 13?

How to Split Screen on iPhone 13
How to Split Screen on iPhone 13

How to Split Screen on iPhone 13 : Free and No Jailbreaking!

How to Split Screen on iPhone 13 ? That is one of the most frequently asked questions from iPhone 13 users. Unfortunately, even with all the new fancy technology in the new iPhone, Apple still refuses to provide a built-in split-screen feature. 

It is still a mystery why iPhone 13 doesn’t have this feature when its competitors have given their users the freedom to use two (and even more) apps at one time.

But don’t worry. Just because Apple is not so generous with this feature, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Follow these tips to learn how to split screen iPhone 13, and most importantly, it is free and no jailbreaking needed!

iPhone Split Screen Multitasking

iPhone Split Screen Multitasking First of all, you need to download a third-party app. This is necessary because as we know, iPhone 13 doesn’t come with a split-screen feature. The good news is, you can easily download the split screen iPhone 13 app from Apple Store for free.

Once you download the app, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the app and you will see the screen is divided into two.
  • You can adjust the width of the split by dragging the split-screen line up and down, or left and right when the phone is in landscape mode.
  • You will see the apps installed on your phone on both screens. Choose which apps you want to open simultaneously.

iPhone split screen iOS 15 : Picture in Picture Multitasking Feature

There is one multitasking thing you can do in iPhone 13 without installing iPhone split screen iOS 15 app. It is the Picture in Picture feature. 

This feature allows you to watch videos while opening another app. To use this feature, simply click when you are watching a video. It will cause the video to be smaller and you can drag it to any corner. As a result, you can use any app while watching a video at the same time.  

Unfortunately, this feature is limited to video only.  If you want to use other applications, there is no other way, you need to download a third-party app.

iOS 15 split screen turn off : What If It Doesn’t Work?

If you find your iOS 15 split screen turn off in Split Screen mode, the fault is not on your phone. It is because some applications, for example, games, simply don’t support multitasking. 

So, now that you know How to Split Screen on iPhone 13, you finally can feel the joy of multitasking. Make sure to choose the best app with a  good rating so you won’t be disappointed.

Things to Know about iPhone split screen YouTube

The feature of iPhone split screen YouTube is useful for many people today. The large screen of the device makes it reasonable to display two applications and use them at once. More importantly, activating and using this Split screen iOS 15 mode will lead to beneficial multitasking for many people. 

The ultimate question on this matter is how to do it? In terms of that thing, it is not difficult at all. One thing to remember, it is not available in all models of iPhone as a default. Older iPhone models will need to use Best free split screen app for iPhone for this kind of thing.

iPhone split screen YouTube
iPhone split screen YouTube

Split screen iOS 15

Split screen iOS 15 requirement for the device to use this feature is to run version 15 of the operating system. An iPhone will need to run iOS 15, and an iPad will need to have iPadOS 15. 

Without that version of the operating system, it is impossible to use it at all. The split screen in iPhone will be a default feature after that. The thing to do for the activation is 

  • Go to the Settings of the iPhone or iPad. 
  • For Split screen iOS 15 Open Settings.
  • Display and Brightness.
  • Display Zoom, Zoom.
  • and Set.
  • Then Use Zoom.

iPhone Split Screen YouTube Activation

After activating the iPhone split screen YouTube, it will be available to use in most applications. Keep in mind that some applications may not have the support for that feature. There is no need to worry about that since many popular apps are working well with that. 

To use it right away, open the second app, and leave it. Open the main app to use in this feature. Slide up the screen and move the second app on top of the main app. If the second app replaces the main app, it means that the app does not support this split-screen feature.

How to set up Split Screen on iPhone

Using the split screen on iPhone features is fun. It is possible to control the size of the screen for each one of the applications to open. To do so:

  • Drag the bar between the applications to alter the split-screen size. 
  • There are two possibilities for that matter. 
  • It can either be a 50:50 or a 25:75. 

In the end, that is just a matter of personal preferences in optimizing the use of the device. Opening two apps at the same time using this iPhone split screen YouTube is beneficial at some points. With a large display screen of the device such as an iPhone and iPad, it can be much more satisfactory.

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