iPhone Voicemail Settings : How to?

iPhone Voicemail Settings
iPhone Voicemail Settings

iPhone Voicemail Settings Easy Steps

If you regularly communicate by phone calls, you need to know iPhone Voicemail Settings. If you just bought a new iPhone, then setting up the voicemail is a step you cannot miss. 

But sometimes, iPhone 13 voicemail acts up and refuses to give you your message. When it happens, you need to set your voicemail again. No matter what your situation is, this article provides helpful tips to solve your problems.

iPhone 13 Voicemail Setup

Following are some steps in iPhone 13 Voicemail Setup, Hope it is useful:

  1. Open the Phone app and click the Voicemail button for iPhone 13 Voicemail setup.
  2. Tap “Set Up Now”. This button will appear if this is the first time you set up the feature.
  3. Set a iPhone 13 voicemail password and make sure it is 4-6 in digits length.
  4. Once the password is set up, click “Custom” to record your voicemail greeting.
  5. Tap Record to begin recording and Stop when you have satisfied with the recording.
  6. Tap Save and your voicemail is working.

If you want to change iPhone 13 voicemail greeting, simply click the Phone App and then choose the Voicemail button. Tap Greeting and you can rerecord your new voicemail greeting. 

How to listen to voicemail on iPhone?

Now that you know iPhone Voicemail Settings, you might start receiving voicemail. How to listen to voicemail on iPhone, You want to check whether you have a new message or not. 

To check incoming voicemail, go to the Voicemail tab in the Phone app. If there is a message, you can see it there. Click Play and you can listen to the message.

How to reset voicemail on iPhone : FAQ, Tips, and Tricks

One of the most common problems with iPhone voicemail is it suddenly stops working. How to reset voicemail on iPhone When you encounter iPhone 13 voicemail not working problem, there are some possible reasons. Maybe it is because the feature is unavailable in your region. In this case, you might want to check with your provider. 

Sometimes there is a problem with deleting the voicemail. To delete a voicemail, simply tap Delete and the message will go straight to the Deleted Messages folder. In this folder, you can choose whether you want to permanently delete the messages or restore them by pressing Undelete.

Be careful when you want to delete a message because sometimes it cannot be restored. It usually happens because the messages have been permanently deleted by the wireless carrier. When it happens, there is simply nothing you can do about this. So, when you learn iPhone Voicemail Settings, make sure you find out more about this too.

How to activate voicemail on iPhone the Right Way?

Some people may not have the right idea on How to activate voicemail on iPhone. Regardless of the advancement of the smartphone world, voicemail remains a useful feature. So, knowing the right way to set it up is pivotal when Voicemail unavailable iPhone. 

It will help anyone to deliver any message to others, although they cannot talk upon the given call. Why is it necessary to talk about it? Some people find it too risky to tweak their iPhone without knowing what to do. It turns out that activating a voicemail service on iPhone is not difficult at all.

On the next article How to reset voicemail on iPhone will be detailed. So Keep Stay tune.

How to activate voicemail on iPhone
How to activate voicemail on iPhone

Activate voicemail on iPhone With Regular Voicemail Service

So, How to activate voicemail on iPhone? Locate and start the Phone app on the device. The standard setting will put this app on the bottom section of the home screen of the iPhone. 

  • Upon opening this app, there will be a new window. 
  • It has an icon of voicemail at the right corner section. 
  • Tap that menu to open the voicemail screen. 
  • This screen will be nothing but an empty one with a Activate Now button right at the center of it. 
  • Tapping that button will start the initiation for the voicemail service on that device.

The thing to do on How to activate voicemail on iPhone is to tap that button on the voicemail screen. The option to create a new password or to log in using an old password will be there. Anyone who has never been activating or using this service will need to create a new password for the voicemail. 

When the password is ready, tap the Done button to finish this step. The next screen to show is the Greeting Screen for the voicemail. It is the chance to personalize the greeting. To do that, tap the Custom menu and Record to get the greeting. It is okay to tap Default and Done to skip it.

How to activate voicemail on iPhone with Visual Voicemail Transcript

Another thing to know on how to activate voicemail on iPhone is a visual form of writing. It allows any messages from the regular service to have a new format of a transcript. 

It needs an active service of Siri at first. To do that, go to Settings and find the Siri & Search menu over there. Hover to the Language English (U.S) or English (Canada) to choose it. 

That way, the messages from the voicemail service will be available in the form of transcripts. That will come in handy for sure to some extent.

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