How to Turn Off Siri Announcing Messages

How to Turn Off Siri Announcing Messages
How to Turn Off Siri Announcing Messages

How to Stop Siri from Announcing Messages

In the midst of everyone busy with the news of the new iOS 13.2 and AirPods Pro, there was a feature that was silently equipped in the device, which is Announce Messages with Siri, as Apple calls it. Apple had introduced this feature 3 years ago in the Worldwide Developers Conference. 

Though this feature is helpful, there are times when you want to turn it off. Here is how to turn off Siri announcing messages.

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How to Turn Off the Announce Messages with Siri Feature

You can either permanently or temporarily turn off Siri reading your messages. Here is how to stop Siri from announcing messages on AirPods. If you want to permanently turn off Siri to announce messages, you can remove it from the Control Center.

  • Open the Settings app > Control Center > Announce Messages.
  • Then, tap the minus (-) next to the Announce Messages.

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Once you have removed it from the Control Center, Siri will stop announcing your incoming messages. You can enable it again by using the same steps. 

You can also temporarily turn off Siri announcing messages by using the Control Panel on your iPhone. Open the control panel by swiping down from your iPhone screen’s upper right corner. Then, tap the Announce Messages icon to turn it off. The feature will stay disabled until you enable it again.

You can also opt for turning it off for a certain amount of time if you want to. Tap and hold the Announce Messages icon until a menu appears. Then, you can choose to mute the feature either for an hour or off for the day. 

The Announce Messages feature will be back on after the certain amount of time. Besides with your iPhone, you can also enable/disable this feature by using your Apple Watch too. That is how to stop AirPods from announcing calls.

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How the Announce Messages Feature Works

When the Announce Messages with Siri feature is enabled and you are using AirPods headphones or Beats and connected to your iPhone or iPad, Siri will read incoming messages out lout every time your device is locked. 

It will start with a tone, then it will read the sender’s name and messages. Note that there is a limit to the length of the messages Siri will read. If it is more than one sentence, Siri will tell you the name of the sender and let you know that you received a new message.

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