Things You Should Know About iPhone 14 User Guide

iPhone 14 User Guide

Unlike other products, you can’t find the printed iPhone 14 user guide or manual. The existence of printed manuals feels like a standard that all electronic devices should have.

iPhone 14 user guide
iPhone 14 user guide

This practice has been done by almost all electronic device manufacturers for decades. However, Apple decided to remove the printed user guide on its product. Why did they do that?

The Reason Why Apply Doesn’t Include User Guide

According to Apple, the printed user manual doesn’t have any value. In other words, it is useless. Many users don’t like to flip and open the book searching for the information they need manually. 

It takes too much time. Moreover, with the size of the printed user guide, it is also difficult to see and read, especially for those who have an eye problem.

Furthermore, using the online resource is much easier, simpler, and faster than the printed user manual. We only need to type our problem or the topic we want to learn. 

Then, the internet will provide the information that we need. We can read it for free. Or, if it is video, we can even see the process to solve the problem, which makes it much easier to understand and apply on our iPhone 14.

How to Find the User Guide for iPhone 14

Even though Apple didn’t provide the printed version of the iPhone 14 user guide, we can still get the manual for this device. We recommend the official website for safety and an accurate user guide. 

So, to get the manual, you only need to visit Apple’s official website and go to the support section. Choose the iPhone model you have and you get what you need there.

Or, you also can use Apple Books to get the user guide for iPhone 14. It is also easy to do. Open the app, type iPhone User Guide on its Search bar, tap the Get button, and it will download the user guide on your device. Now, you can open and read the iPhone 14 user guide on this app.

If this is your first time buying an iPhone, you might be surprised. We hope you can get the solution before you call customer service or the store where you buy your iPhone 14 and complain about the user guide. 

iPhone 14 User Guide PDF

Now Apple no longer includes a complete guide on the box sales. And it is no longer available in PDF form that can be downloaded by beginners or seniors. Don’t worry, get iPhone 14 User Guide PDF here ☚.

Moreover, this decision is much better because it reduces paper usage and is good for the environment. So, get the digital version of the iPhone 14 user guide now! 

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