Many Ways iPhone User Guide for Seniors

iPhone User Guide for Seniors

Many say that seniors are not suitable for using the iPhone because it is too difficult to use? There are many ways you can do to make the iPhone easier to use for seniors. 

Here are some things we can see about some of the features and tips of the iPhone user guide for seniors.

iPhone User Guide for Seniors
iPhone User Guide for Seniors

A. Enlarge Screen

The vision of most seniors will decline with age. To work around this, you can enable Display Zoom, which increases the size of text and other elements in iOS.

To do this, open Settings and select Display & Brightness. Under the Display Zoom option, click View, and select Zoom. Some simple previews will be shown, so you can tell the difference. Tap Set to confirm your selection, then reload your iPhone then the changes will take place.

B. Enlarge Text Size

If the view has been enlarged, now it’s time for the text size to be enlarged. This makes it easier for seniors to read the writing on their cellphone. Go to Settings select Accessibility tap Display & Text Size. Select Larger Text.

C. Set Favorite Contact

The favorite contact list on iPhone makes it easy to save frequently contacted contacts. This makes the iPhone easier for seniors to use, as it will make it easier for them to find the intended contact. 

The step is to open the Phone application, and select Favorite from the bottom menu. Tap the Plus icon in the top left corner to open your parent’s contact list. Select a contact to add to favorites.

D. Configure Emergency SOS

The SOS feature alerts emergency services and emergency contacts when in trouble. While this is an iPhone feature that everyone should be prepared for, it is very important for seniors too.

So that can be discussed a little about the iPhone user guide for seniors.

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