iPhone User Manual To Enable This Assistive Touch

iPhone User Manual

Assistive touch is a shortcut navigation feature in the form of buttons on the screen in which there is a menu for certain settings. 

iPhone User Manual
iPhone User Manual

Besides settings, there are also accessory features that can be added to the assistive touch menu, such as home screen, lock screen, screenshot, gestures, mute, and many more. 

How to enable this assistive touch? You can follow the iPhone user manual on how to activate the following assistive touch.

A. How to enable assistive touch on iPhone

Here is an example of how to enable assistive touch on the iPhone.

  1. First, open the Settings icon
  2. Scroll down until you find the Accessibility menu
  3. Then select the Touch option
  4. Previously the assistive touch feature was still off, please slide the slider to activate the assistive touch. Once activated, the assistive touch button will appear on the screen.

B. How to change iPhone assistive touch menu

After successfully activating the assistive touch, you can also change and choose what features or settings you want to display on this assistive touch button. The way to change the assistive touch menu is as follows:

  • Go to iPhone Settings – Accessibility – Touch
  • Then tap on the Enable assistive touch section
  • Tap again on the Customize Top Level Menu section
  • In this section, you can add and remove menu icons. Please tap – to delete and tap + to add
  • When you tap the + button, there will be a new menu slot, then tap on the slot and a menu list of features or settings that you can add will appear
  • If you want to return the assistive touch settings to their original state, please press the Reset button

That’s the iPhone user manual on how to enable and set up an assistive touch on iPhone.

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