iPhone instructions For Beginners

iPhone instructions

When you have a new iPhone, of course, there are some settings that you will apply. If you are confused about what iOS settings you need to do on your new iPhone, here we provide a guide through the iPhone instructions. So, what are the settings on the new iPhone that we must pay attention to?

iPhone Instructions
iPhone Instructions

A. Language

For some people, this may not be important. But sometimes the difference in technical terms in Indonesian and English can make people uncomfortable. 

So the choice of language is quite important so that you are comfortable setting up your iPhone further. You can find iPhone language settings in Settings – General – Language & Region.

B. Face / Touch ID & Passcode

Face ID or Touch ID and Passcode settings are certainly useful for securing your iPhone so that it cannot be accessed by people. You can access these settings in Settings – Face ID & Passcode (Touch ID & Passcode).

C. Control Center

Control Center is a panel that allows you to make quick settings on your iPhone. For example setting screen brightness, volume, enabling WiFi, etc. You can access these settings in Settings – Control Center.

D. iPhone name

You can name your iPhone to make it more unique. Giving this name is useful so that your iPhone can be easily recognized when connected to other devices, for example on a MacBook via AirDrop. To change the iPhone’s name, you can access Settings – General – About – Name.

E. Settings Download Apps from App Store

Application download settings from the App Store will regulate the behavior of updates and downloads related to internet network usage. You can find the download settings for this app in Settings – App Store.

Those are some iPhone instructions on setting up your new iPhone when you start activating your new iPhone

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