iPhone Guide for Seniors PDF Provides a Find My iPhone

iPhone Guide for Seniors PDF

Apple provides a Find My iPhone application that allows users to locate a lost iPhone. The good news for iPhone users is that iPhone has a built-in feature that can track the device when it’s lost. 

iPhone guide for seniors pdf helps you know how to find your lost iPhone.

iPhone Guide for Seniors PDF
iPhone Guide for Seniors PDF

Using Find My iPhone is not that complicated. It’s just that, you have to make sure the feature is activated first before a loss occurs and you don’t forget the Apple ID. 

Find My iPhone can track in real-time the last location of your device.

The steps are:

  • Sign in to the iCloud site
  • Enter your Apple ID address and password
  • Find My iPhone will display a description of the state of the phone, whether it’s totally dead or just offline. If the condition of the phone is active, immediately click “Action”
  • GPS notification will show the location of the iPhone, then select “Play Sound” so that the phone makes a sound
  • An iPhone that is lost in poor signal areas, will show the last point when the phone is still in an area with a strong signal
  • If your iPhone is lost because it was stolen, you can choose the lost mode. If your phone is still on the network, it will be locked immediately and cannot be reset without the lock code you have set.
  • If your iPhone is lost not far from where you are, it will make a sound for the owner to hear

As already explained, the Find My iPhone can only be used if the phone has the feature activated. Follow the iPhone user guide for seniors pdf to see the steps to prevent your loss. 

With the features found in Find My iPhone, Apple will automatically provide you with the latest location information.

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