iPhone 14 Pro Max User Guide for Always-on Display

iPhone 14 Pro Max User Guide

The iphone 14 pro max user guide has information that helps you to know more about this device and how to use it. One of the most essential pieces of information is the guide to using its new feature.

iPhone 14 pro max user guide
iPhone 14 pro max user guide

Speaking about iPhone 14 Pro Max, two features stand out as the latest addition to this product. They are the Always-on Display and Apple ProRAW feature. How do those two work and how do you adjust them? Here, we have a simple guide for iPhone 14 Pro Max you can follow.

Always-on Display Feature

In the iPhone 14 Pro Max manual, you can find an explanation about this feature and how to adjust it. When this feature is on, it will display the information that you want, even though the phone is in sleep or standby mode. 

However, many users see it as useless because it consumes more battery energy. Here is how to adjust or turn off this feature.

  1. Open Settings,
  2. Open the Display & Brightness menu,
  3. Find the Always-On menu,
  4. Tap the toggle beside the Always-On menu to turn it off or on.

Apple ProRAW Feature

This feature has been around since iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. Now, even new release always has this feature as the standard feature of the iPhone. On iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can use it to adjust the camera resolution. 

The default settings are 12 MP, but with this feature, you can change it to 48 MP. Here is how you do it.

  1. Open Settings,
  2. Tap Camera,
  3. Tap the Formats tab on the top,
  4. Find the Photo Capture section,
  5. Tap the Apple ProRAW toggle to turn it on or off,

Choose 48 MP as the ProRAW resolution.

The 48 MP camera will produce the highest format and resolution you can get. However, the size of the photo you take can easily reach 100 MB per picture. So, it would be better if you turn it on, only when you need it.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max manual has more detailed information about those two features. So, we suggest you read the manual to understand what those features can do for you. 

More importantly, the user guide or manual also has other information that you will need as a user of the iPhone 14. Therefore, you should get the iPhone 14 pro max user guide now and learn it all before using your iPhone. 

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