iPhone 13 Pro Camera User Guide — Tips and Trick for New Users

iPhone 13 Pro Camera User Guide

iPhone 13 Pro camera user guide is very important for all iPhone 13 users. The new iPhone comes with a myriad of improvements in the camera. 

For iPhone 13 users, the camera is no longer only a tool to take pictures. It is a tool to take remarkable pictures. You can even make a movie with this phone.

iPhone 13 Pro Camera User Guide
iPhone 13 Pro Camera User Guide

Getting new improvements means you have to learn how to use all the camera features. To help you get used to the new camera, here are some tips to help you.

Cinematic Mode

Cinematic Mode is said to be the biggest improvement of the iPhone 13 series. This feature allows you to take professional-grade videos and even make Hollywood-style movies. 

Cinematic Mode has a subject tracking feature that will automatically follow a subject that you are focused on. It also comes with rack focus that allows you to shift focus during filming with a very simple click.

Using Cinematic Mode will require a bit of getting used to. Not because it is difficult to master, but because there are so many great features to learn. 

But first, to start the Cinematic Mode, you simply need to open the Camera app, then choose Cinematic Mode. Once the phone enters Cinematic Mode, it will automatically detect an object and focus on them. To shift focus, click on another object that you want to focus on and the camera will track that object in a blink of an eye.

Photographic Styles

Photographic Styles also make a huge buzz when iPhone 13 family was first launched. This feature comes with presets that you can use to beautify your photo. 

You can choose one of the presets before taking a picture to see how the picture will look like with that particular setting. Photographic Styles offer four amazing presets, they are Vibrant, Rich Contrast, Warm, and Cool. You can read iPhone 13 Pro camera user guide to find out more about Photographic Styles.

Macro Photos

Pro users, congratulations! iPhone provides a feature that can only be used in the top-tier iPhone 13 families. The feature is called Macro Photos. 

iPhone 13’s ultra-wide camera can take high-quality macro photos and videos. You can get as close as 2 centimeters to the subject and still get a high-quality image with vivid details. To use this feature, simply launch the Camera app, get close to the object, and then tap the Shutter button. You can enjoy more features by reading the iPhone 13 Pro camera user guide.

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