iPhone 12 User Guide for Dummies many things need to be learned

iPhone 12 User Guide for Dummies

iPhone 12 user guide for dummies | If you are a long-time user of Android, shifting to iPhone 12 might cause you to get a bit overwhelmed. 

From setting up the Face ID to back up and restore, many things need to be learned by a first-time user of the iPhone. 

iPhone 12 User Guide for Dummies
iPhone 12 User Guide for Dummies

This iPhone 12 user guide for dummies will help you avoid frustration later. 

1. Set Up Face ID

Face ID in iPhone 12 should be activated to optimize security. This is also the fastest way you can unlock your phone, making it easier to avoid complicated passcode. 

Setting up Face Id in iPhone 12 is usually quicker and simpler than Touch Id. All you need to do is just look around in a circle shown by the setup screen slowly a couple of times. 

This action is considered faster than registering a fingerprint by tapping the home buttons several times.

2. Different Gestures and Commands

Once you’ve unboxed your iPhone 12’s pack, you will find out that this phone has no home button. Instead of the home button, this phone provides you with a glorious OLED display. 

There will be some new gestures and commands you need to learn, especially if you are new to this iPhone 12. 

Some basic commands that you need to know include return home, jump between apps, app switcher, close an app, take a screenshot, and more.

3. Quick Charging

The new iPhone 12 comes with a new feature called MagSafe. This new feature is actually a charging puck that can be attached magnetically. MagSafe itself is almost the same as the other wireless chargers of Qi. 

The only difference is in the secure alignment of the magnetic. This feature will make it possible for you to speed up the charging period needed by the iPhone 12. 

MagSafe can charge your iPhone 12 almost as fast as a Lightning cable. It is even considered twice as fast as if you charge the phone with ordinary Qi chargers.

4. Quick Start

Speaking about iPhone 12 user guide for dummies, you also need to learn about QuickStart. This special feature is magic. All you need to do is just hold your old phone to the iPhone 12. 

Then, there will be a tiny card that pops up on the screen. It will ask if you want to transfer all the data in your old phone to the new one. 

After that, make sure that you point the camera of your old phone at your new iPhone 12. Then, you will notice that the device shows a cloud of little dots. 

Make sure that you enter the 6-digit passcode of your old phone to start the transferring process.

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