iPhone 11 User Guide Free For Beginners

iPhone 11 User Guide Free

iPhone 11 User Guide free, This is only for You has a new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max. You know the ones that have to do cameras on it, the faster performance and well most important of all. the longer battery life. 

However there is one problem all your stuff is on your old iPhone 6’s only for this Case. your messages or emails videos and photos.

iPhone 11 user guide free
iPhone 11 User Guide Free

Anyway you can always use iTunes or iCloud to backup your phone well, that is if you have enough iCloud storage or you ran out. 

you probably have a backup your phone in weeks or months or years.  but no worries Apple rolled out for new data migration feature on this device. 

that will basically make a direct copy on the old phone into the new smartphone. 

Down to the wallpaper, for the firstly you need to do though is unbox the new iPhone and this is an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Now that the phone’s out of the box, and let’s charge it up on your old phone.

A. Transfer Data Using Wireless

This is user guide for iPhone 11 you should check to make sure that you’re running on iOS 12.4 or newer. and to be completely clear both the new phone and old phone should be on iOS 12.4 or newer. Follow these step Below.

  1. Firstly unlock on OLD iPhone and place it next to the NEW iPhone. 
  2. a pop-up window will ask ‘if you want to setup a new iPhone’. 
  3. Faucet and continue, then point old iPhones camera at the new iPhone Display screen.
  4. with a psychedelic Bluth cloud of particles, follow the instructions on your new iPhone. 
  5. Then complete tasks and Then Enter the PASSWORD. 
  6. Please set up face ID and Check to Agree ‘Apple’s Terms & Conditions’. 

Notes : This is acceptabel for New Device. Likes iPhone 11 Pro User Guide and iPhone 11 Pro Max User Guide

eventually you’ll end up on a screen asking, if you want to transfer it data directly from one phone to the other. or if you want to restore from iCloud this is where I got to warn you that if you do restore from an iCloud backup. 

it’s not only gonna be faster, but you’re gonna be able to use your old iPhone. while the new ones getting data loaded on it. 

if you choose to transfer it directly from another iPhone, you’re not gonna be able to use either iPhone until the data transfer process has finally completed.

all that said select transfer, from old iPhone. After that follow the prompts and then the iPhones take care of the rest all.

you got to do is make sure that the two iPhones stay near each other. otherwise you might slow or stall the process depending on the speed of the Wi-Fi network on your Home. 

B. Transfer Data Using USB Cable

iPhone 11 Pro Max User Guide, so this method transfers everything wirelessly. however if you have a lightning to USB camera adapter. 

you use your phone’s power cable, you can actually plug in one phone to the other. and transfer over the cable supposedly this method could be faster.

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