iOS 14.5 Manual : Review and More Significant Updates

iOS 14.5 Manual : Review and Updates

iOS 14.5 manual – a pretty significant change from iOS 14 manual. this makes it easy and can support daily activities. In this article, we will explain the changes from iOS 14 guide to 14.5 guide in the form of a review that has changed. 

we now have iOS 14.5 which should be available for you to download on your devices. any device that supported iOS 14. with it brings a bunch of new features some pretty big. and some smaller let’s jump right guide to iOS 14.5 the top features. 

iOS 14.5 Manual
iOS 14.5 Manual

iOS 14.5 user manual for beginners and Senior

Apple Watch Related

so starting out with number one is apple watch related and I made an article about this which you can check out if you want to see more details. but basically you can now use your apple watch to unlock your iPhone while you are wearing a mask. 


so this allows you to bypass your lock screen if your apple watch is connected to you close enough to you and has password protection. 


on the watch itself, you can now bypass the lock screen on your iPhone. if you want to get into your phone more quickly so that’s a great feature.

Maps App

if you’re curious about more details next are some nice additions to the maps app. so this includes adding ways like reports when you’re getting directions. 


so if I’m trying to go to fenway park and I click to go I can actually report accidents hazards and speed checks which are awesome now if you click these you can’t undo it at least not at this point.


so don’t accidentally click it this will be an awesome mechanism for keeping your driving more efficient and safer and more so this will be really great to see on apple’s maps because I know a lot of people use this on Waze additionally you. 


now have this new ad stop option which is awesome so if you want to do multiple locations or add a destination this allows you to do that a lot more easily than before.


next in music there are a few differences here so now the menu option is to the right and when you click this it opens up this menu option a lot quicker than before so you just tap that opens it up


and you can also see the download button right next to that so that little download icon now lives there additionally there are new swipe options so if you swipe to the right you can add this to the beginning or the end of your music queue


so this brings in Spotify like navigation if you pull all the way to the side it’ll put it on top or if you just do it like this you can do playing last then if you drag from the other side you can delete it from your downloads and your library 


and then if this was already deleted I could swipe to the right to add it to my library you also now have the ability to send lyrics so any song that supports the the lyric view you can now share a lyric 


so if I do share lyrics right here in the menu you can see that this one actually does not support the time synced lyrics so it can’t but if I go to a different song share lyrics you can see I can drag through and choose what lyric 


I want to share and then I can click share and now under the library view there’s also now a made for you tab which is going to have your friends mix and your get up mix and any other albums that have been made for you curated by apple music 


so this is pretty cool and I like this tab because I do like the friends mix and the getup mix so normally this would be under the listen now but it is missing the new music mix the chill mix and the favorites mix but it does have get up and friends and hopefully they add the other ones to this view just makes it quicker to get there now.


if you hop over to the podcast app we have some similar changes so for one there is a new interface when you click on a podcast you can see that the screen does look a little bit different than it was before 


and it looks nice and then here you also get the new gestures that we see in music so sliding here it’s going to mark it as read or unread and swiping to the right will delete it or we have this bookmark view 


and then if we go back into here we can see the saved tab and this will show any podcast that we have saved in here for listening to later and this is awesome we didn’t have the saved tab show up here in the library view before so now any podcast you want to just listen to later you can get to from this view.

New Emoji

finally we also have new emoji which is awesome there’s a few new ones here and there’s a few more than this as well these are some of the new emoji that you can expect on your phone including the heart on fire and the syringe and the headphones becoming the airpods max and more.

Find My App : Air Tag

there’s also a brand new tab in the find my app called items and here you can add items or identify found items so you can see if you find someone else’s device you can do identify found items 


you can try to figure out who owns it then you can also add items and this will search for items that are compatible with this this also works with new beats such as the powerbeats and the beats flex that have the h1 or w1 chips 


so you now have those within the find my app so this is really awesome and is part of the process of expanding the find my app on the iPhone and iPad and now that apple’s actually released the air tags we know that this items menu is for apple air tag 


so if you’re tracking any devices or anything with an air tag you can find that in the find my app on your iPhone which is great and something that Apple is definitely going to be continuing developing with these new accessories.

Dual SIM 5G Support

now on the iPhone 12 models you can get dual sim 5g support so those who use the iPhones dual sim functionality will be happy to hear that 14.5 finally brings global support for 5g in dual sim mode on the iPhone 12 model so that’s a nice update.

Music Streaming

you now are able to set a preferred not default but a preferred music streaming service so when you tell Siri to play music it will automatically go to Spotify or podcast or apple music or whatever 


you want depending on what you select and that’s great and the first time that you asked to play music with Siri you should get the prompt to set which one you want to set as the preferred.

SIRI Options

now another change can be found under the Siri options and we have some new voices here so now the voices are not gendered but rather just labeled so if you go into Siri voices 


you have your American through south African voices but now you have voice one through four and you can click on them and they will download and give you a sample of what they sound like in particular voice two and three are new 


so if you’re looking for a different voice for Siri on your phone you’re going you’re going to be able to do that with iOS 14.5.

Battery life

if you have an iPhone 11 series phone and you go into battery and battery health you’re going to be able to see some battery calibration settings which will help to maximize your battery 


on your iPhone so again this is limited to the iPhone 11 series of phones so you can go in there and see if this is something you need to do but if you don’t have those phones it won’t even be an option to begin with now there’s.

other new features such as apple airplay 2 for fitness plus so if you’re a fitness plus user on the iPhone this will be great with your apple watch you can now use airplay 2 for sending it to multiple devices around your room or multiple home pods and more.

XBox Controllers

there’s also expanded controller support so if you have a ps5 dual sense controller or the Xbox series x controllers you’re going to be able.

iCloud Family

to use those with your iPhone which is awesome now the apple card has brought family support so multiple people on your iCloud family plan will be able to use your apple card going forward at the time of recording 


this wasn’t live yet hopefully by the time you’re seeing this is available and get the three percent cash back for multiple people in your family now when you’re using accessories such as the MagSafe wallet there is a more prominent haptic click and sound 


when you do that which is great so we can hear what that sounds like so it is quite satisfying when you put your MagSafe wallet.

New Privacy Feature

on your device now there’s a new privacy feature so developers need to ask for and receive a user’s permission if they want to access your random advertising identifier 


so you’ve been seeing these permissions pop up on iOS 14 already this is a new one if they want your random advertising identifier they’re going to have to ask for that 


and you can find this under privacy and tracking and here you can see what apps want to have access to this this basically is used to track your activity across apps.

Emergencies only with SIRI

and websites there’s now the option to use Siri for emergencies so you can tell Siri to help you out in an emergency and make an emergency phone call which is new and helpful 


now in reminders you are able to sort by due date creation date priority and title which is new we didn’t have all these options before.

Print out : Grocery

and you also are able to now print your list so if you want to print your grocery list you can go ahead and print that out.

in the news app there is now a tab designated just for searching and it is functionally identical as before but now there’s just a dedicated search tab down in the bottom right hand corner 


if you go into your notification settings you can now turn emergency alerts off and turn off always deliver so that when your phone is on silent mode it will not light up your phone with a really loud sound in case you’re in a really important meeting or church or whatever and you don’t want the alert to go off.


New Safety Settings

there are some new safety settings within the find my app under me so going forward this will make sure that somebody doesn’t put a location tracking device on you and this will be able to recognize 


if there are so if someone puts on a tracking device on you and this recognizes that it’s getting GPS data and that it isn’t connected to your phone such as the future apple tags this is going to be able to alert you.

iOS 14.5 manual pdf

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on iOS 14.5 manual so those are some of the changes, let me know your thoughts and if you really like any of these features. good luck.

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