How to use Live Text iOS 15

3 Ways on How to Use Live Text iOS 15

Just bought a new iPhone? Do you know how to use live text iOS 15? It’s a feature that is designed, especially for young entrepreneurs that have a lot of business cards, and scribbled notes. You can capture text and even handwriting within photos by using the camera app.

How to Use Live Text iOS 15
How to Use Live Text iOS 15

You can even enable it to copy-paste those texts to apps such as iMessage and Notes. Furthermore, this feature can translate just by highlighting a word. Amazing, don’t you think so?

How to do those actions? Read this instruction below, to help you use the feature.

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How to Use Live Text iOS 15

1.     Live Text must be toggled on.

  • The live Text feature should have been enabled by default.
  • In case it’s not, arrange it manually by going to Settings => Camera => Live Text

2.     To use it, you have to open the camera app.

3.     Select the text you want to highlight => point your device’s camera directly at the text.

4.     If you see a yellow outline around the text combined with a Live Text icon appear in the corner, the feature is already enabled.

5.     Tap on the icon if you want to grab the selected text and then choose which one you want to highlight.

6.     There will be three options for you to choose from, “Copy,” “Select All,” or “Look Up.”

7.     If you choose Select All, then you can copy-paste it.

How to Use Live Text iOS 15 With iMessage Application

How to use this feature with iMessage? Well, all you have to do is tap on the text box, tap “Text from Camera” => text populates automatically. If the text has been captured, you can tap “insert”, then the camera app will disappear from the iMessage window.

How to Use Live Text iOS 15 With Hand-written Notes

With this feature, you don’t have to take photos of your hand-written notes, just use Live Text to digitize them. You could copy-paste the hand-written into the Notes app. Simple and efficient, wouldn’t you say so?

3 More Functions of Live Text iOS 15

There are three more functions that Live Text iOS 15 can offer. What are they? Find the answer below.

1. Translate languages into several different languages, like

a. English

b. Chinese

c. French

d. Italian

e. German

f. Portuguese

g. Spanish 

How to use it? Just point the camera app to the specific word. The next step is to tap “Look Up” to see the result.

2. Live Text iOS 15 also enables you to make phone calls. If Live Text recognizes a phone number, the feature will give several options, including “Call.” If you want to give it a try, tap on it, and the feature will immediately start dialing.

3. It can also highlight text on images in the Photo app. How? Well, find the photo, and long-press on the chosen text, then the above options will appear.

Now that you know how to use Live Text iOS 15, you will be able to be creative with your photo or notes, or whatever you decide to try. Happy experiencing!

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