How to Turn Off Focus Mode on iPhone

How to Turn Off Focus Mode on iPhone
How to Turn Off Focus Mode on iPhone

How to Turn On/Off the Focus Mode on iPhones

One of the new features that iPhone users can find on iOS 15 is the focus mode. This feature helps to create a moment, depending on the context. For example, you can turn this mode on only when you are working or getting ready for bed. 

With such a feature, users can reduce annoying noises from unnecessary notifications. It removes all distractions like unwanted app notifications and phone calls, allowing you to concentrate on your work or activities.

This Focus mode uses the DND extra mode, in which it is used to adjust the users’ different times and activities. By enabling this feature, you will not get notifications from less essential apps or sources. This will make it easier and more convenient for you to use your iPhone. Here is how to turn on focus mode on iPhone.

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How to Enable the Focus Mode on iPhones

  • Open Control Center, then select Focus.
  • Next, select the focus options you want to turn on. For example, Do not Disturb, Personal, Sleep, Studying, or Work.
  • In order to select an endpoint for Focus, tap the 3-dot icon and select an option. For instance, for an hour, until I leave this location, and so on. Then tap the icon again.

When the focus mode is on, its icon will appear in your status bar and lock screen. And your status will be automatically displayed in the Messages app. Those who want to send a message to you will see that you mute the notifications. But they can still notify you if it is urgent. You can also use Siri to easily turn on this mode.

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How to Disable the Focus Mode on iPhones

Once you are done using the focus mode, you can turn it off again to allow notifications. Here is how to turn off focus mode on iPhone.

  1. Open the Control Center, then tap Focus. Tap focus on to turn it off.
  2. Or you can also turn it off by touching and holding the focus icon on the lock screen.

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Use the same steps mentioned above for how to turn off focus mode iOS 15. The focus mode still appears in the Control Center and you can still use it again.

For your information, the focus mode will automatically turn on/off to all your iOS devices. If you want to disable this setting, you just need to go to Settings > Focus > turn off Share Across Devices.

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