How to make a Memoji on iPhone

How to make a Memoji on iPhone Free

How to make a Memoji on iPhone ? One of the emojis that are trending among Smartphone users is  Memoji. Here is an memoji app for iPhone that you can have. 

These emojis allow you to create a 3D avatar of yourself using the built-in camera of your phone, in other words, they are called animated emojis.

Using emoticons on chat services makes your Memoji Stickers iPhone look more fun and enjoyable. Therefore, mobile gadget users are also competing to get attractive emojis on their cellphones.

How to make a Memoji on iPhone
How to make a Memoji on iPhone

iPhone users can create animated emojis from the ground up and choose their facial features, then save them on their iPhone and share them in chat. This is 5 kinds of AR Emoji Applications:

How to make full body Memoji on iPhone : Animoji 

For iPhone users How to make full body Memoji on iPhone, this animated emoji is called Animoji which was released on iOS 11. This Animoji will be able to recognize the user’s facial movements and transform them into emojis that are similar to the user.

To be able to use Animoji, you must have an iPhone device with Face ID technology that you can get since the existence of iOS 11, including the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR. These Animoji are included in the package with iOS,

By using Face ID technology, you can select various types of emoji characters that follow facial expressions, head movements, including tongue movements.

You can record Animoji with the added audio, so they will produce animations that closely resemble the original. You can also add various creatures which will make you have your own 3D avatar


Bitmoji will help you get your 3D avatar. This includes everything from the outfits the emoji can wear to emoji gestures, including breakdancing if you like.

Bitmoji is a really fun app that you can add when you’re chatting.


For those of you who are old iPhone users can use Facemoji. This AR Emoji app for iPhone is one of the best emoji apps that you can download on the App Store.

With this application, those of you who don’t have the latest iOS can still enjoy the emoji feature on your iPhone.


Emoji> being the most popular one. This application has been reported to have users around 45 million users worldwide.

This application includes large storage usage on the iPhone. Even so, there are lots of interesting emojis that you can use. Emoji> is also available as in-app purchases which you can enjoy its features.

How to make a Memoji on iPhone with Moji Edit 

You can choose various types and styles to make the emoji feature even more attractive, from makeup, hairstyle to outfit. You can also make your emojis more varied with the presence of expressions and also the addition of an interesting background.

How to make a Memoji on iPhone with Moji Edit is an AR Emoji app for iPhone that will allow you to get the
avatar. How to make full body Memoji on iPhone that you can own with this app. Moji Edit also allows you to share these
avatars with other people with the copy-paste feature. 

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