How to Locate Lost iPhone Even If It’s Dead or Offline

How to Locate Lost iPhone
How to Locate Lost iPhone

How to Locate Lost iPhone

Losing your favorite iPhone is certainly very annoying. Especially considering the price is expensive, and At times you will lose very valuable data if it really happens.

how to locate lost iPhone. Luckily, this smartphone from Apple has a feature that can track a lost/stolen iPhone. Even tracking it can use the IMEI code.

How Do You Track an iPhone

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. So IMEI is a kind of identity code for every smartphone. Use this IMEI you can track your iPhone.

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Because Every smartphone has a different IMEI code. The goal is to differentiate one phone from another.

Usually when you buy a new smartphone, there must be an IMEI serial number in the box where the smartphone is.

This code can also be used to file a warranty claim and for other identification purposes when the phone is repaired.

The IMEI code on each phone will be locked and remain attached to the phone (not related to the SIM card at all).

So if you reset or replace the SIM card on the smartphone, the IMEI code will remain the same alias unchanged.

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Seeing this fact, how to find a lost iPhone that is turned off? you can use the IMEI code to block your smartphone (including iPhone) if it is lost or stolen.

How To Find a Lost iPhone Without Find My iPhone

There are actually 5 ways how to find a lost iPhone without find my iPhone But using IMEI. The steps will be outlined below.

  1. Contact your SIM card provider to block the number immediately.
  2. Immediately check your iPhone model manual to see the IMEI number.
  3. Then go to the nearest police station to report the missing iPhone, don’t forget to include the IMEI number.
  4. A police report can be used as a condition for contacting the iPhone provider and they will block the lost iPhone from being used by the person who found or stole the iPhone.
  5. Finally, the iPhone provider will help you to track the lost iPhone using the IMEI number earlier.

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How To Find a Lost iPhone That is Turned Off

Maybe How To Find a Lost iPhone That is Turned Off via IMEI, it’s a bit complicated because you have to deal with the authorities and iPhone providers. Therefore, this second step is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be complicated.

Here are some applications that can be used to track the iPhone turned off, including:

1. Find My iPhone

This method is intended for users of iPhone iOS 15, have an Apple ID and have installed the Find My iPhone application. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Select the Settings menu > iCloud > Find My iPhone.
  2. Visit the website, then login using your Apple ID.
  3. The next step, select the ‘Find My iPhone’ button, and the application will automatically track your iPhone to the exact location on the map if it is currently connected to the internet.
  4. If your iPhone is not connected to the internet, you can activate the options in the Find My iPhone application. The option in question is ‘to send you an email about the location of the iPhone on a map immediately’ once the iPhone is connected to the internet.
  5. If you select the location of the iPhone on the map, the Find My iPhone application will give you 3 options: you can play a sound on your iPhone or send a text message, or you can delete all personal data and lock your iPhone.
  6. For the first and second options you can send a message on the iPhone (in the form of voice or text), and ask the person holding the iPhone to immediately return the gadget to you. You can give the lure of rewards if he is willing to do this.
  7. If there is no response at all after a long wait, you can use the second option, which is to delete all important data on the iPhone. Then you can track manually via the GPS location on the map, and immediately go to the location of the iPhone.

2. iHound

If before your iPhone was lost you had installed the iHound application on your iPhone, then the application will automatically send an alert via email stating that your iPhone is somewhere, every time the thief / finder connects the iPhone to their computer.

You will receive the report when you login to the iHound website.

Very practical, right?

That’s the short tutorial using the IMEI code. It turns out that the method is quite varied, it can be with an application or without an application, it’s all up to you!

Even though you already know How to Locate Lost iPhone using IMEI, you still have to be careful so you don’t lose your iPhone.

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