Apple iPhone Manuals About Hidden Features

Apple iPhone Manuals

With the iOS 15 update, Apple doesn’t just offer work improvements for the iPhone. There are many new features brought to this operating system, such as privacy control options to protect user information and privacy, Spatial Audio in FaceTime, Notification Summary, Live Text, and others. 

Apple iPhone Manuals
Apple iPhone Manuals

However, iOS 15 also has many hidden features that users usually are not aware of. However, iOS 15 also has many hidden features that users are not aware of. 

Here, Apple iPhone manuals about some of the hidden features.

1. Silence unknown callers

This feature can be found in Settings – Phone and scroll through the menu until you find Silence, Unknown Callers. 

This feature makes ringtones and vibrations to be deactivated when an unknown number makes a phone call. The system will only display a notification indicating a call from an unsaved number.

2. Back tap

This hidden feature on iPhones with iOS 15 is available deep in Accessibility settings. Through the Back Tap feature, users can access the desired application or feature by double or triple tapping the back of the iPhone. To enable it, go to Settings – Accessibility – Touch, and select Back Tap.

3. Digital signature

With this feature, you can scan any document with the camera and turn it into a PDF file. To add a digital signature, open the scanned PDF. After that, press the button with the icon like the tip of a pen and select Signature.

4. Live text

Live text is useful for copying, translating, to find the meaning of the text in the image directly. Just open the camera app and point the camera at any object with text in it. In addition, the Live Text feature also works in the Photos application.

That’s the Apple iPhone manual about hidden features that have useful functions for iPhone users.

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