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Best iPhone Tips and Tricks – 30 Little Secrets You Never Know Before

Best iPhone tips and tricks — As an iPhone user, you might find it very easy to operate the device. But, do you know that there some little secrets to make it even easier to use an iPhone? Yap! And only a few iPhone users know about these secrets. 

Wondering what are they? Get to know more about the iPhone tips you might never hear before on the following page.

Best iPhone tips and tricks
Best iPhone tips and tricks

#1. Switch to iPhone’s Dark Mode

Dark Mode feature has been waited by iPhone’s users for a long time. So, when the feature is finally here, don’t miss any chance to make the most of your device with it. If you are new to this Dark Mode, just take it easy since the feature is not as complicated as you think. 

This feature is originally meant to keep your eyes comfortable when looking at your iPhone’s screen in the evening. Many iPhone users activate this mode all day long since it is just awesome. 

If you want a shortcut to activate this Dark Mode, just go to Settings of your iPhone. Then, head to Display and Brightness. This will allow you to find the setting of the feature there.

#2. Bring Back iPhone’s Home Button

You will find it easier to bring back the Home button feature of your iPhone if you know the trick. All you need to do:

  • Clicking on the Settings.
  • Then go to the “Accessibility” button. 
  • After that, you have to tap on “Touch” before turning on the “Assistive Touch” button of your iPhone. This will enable a tiny circle to pop up on your iPhone screen. 

This little circle will make it possible for you to activate a customizable shortcut when you touch it. Though it is not the same as having a home button that you can press to activate it, this shortcut is very useful.

#3. Expand the Function of iPhone’s Calculator

You can rely on the calculator tool of your iPhone when it comes to a quick sum. But, with a simple trick, you can expand the function of the tool easily. All you need to do is just open the calculator app of your iPhone. 

Then, turn your device to landscape mode to allow you to get new interesting options. When doing this, you need to ensure that the screen orientation of your device is not locked. This will make it possible for you to turn your iPhone into a scientific calculator that can do all sorts of complex maths.

#4. How to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode When Disabled

Recovery Mode on iPhone is one method that is done if the gadget you are using is too slow. You can do this, but have to be careful before doing, please save first because it can result in data loss. For more details, you can visit the article below. 

#5. How to clear app cache in iPhone for Safer Use

After you use the browser what is done afterwards is Clear Cache Cookies on iPhone. This is done because the former data stored on the browser can also be deleted. What’s more, you accidentally forgot to save your password. For details, please visit the article below. 

#6. iPhone won’t turn on/stuck on Apple Logo

Sometimes your iPhone gets frozen so that the result iPhone Doesn’t Turn on. Then what should be done if this happens? See the next article in more detail. 

#7. How to set up Face ID iPhone 13

One way to maintain the privacy of your smartphone is to lock automatically. But what happens if you forget the password or pattern that was created. The latest iPhone already provides a very sophisticated technology, namely the iPhone Face id. 
This will make it very easy for you because you will not forget the password that was created. How to set Face id on iPhone, see the next review below. 

#8. How to factory reset iPhone without password for free

You want to do a factory reset on your iPhone, before doing so, first read the instructions below. and don’t forget to back up important data first. Don’t regret it when it’s all gone. 

#9. How to activate voicemail on iPhone

Busy? and don’t want to be disturbed so you want to leave a voice message. Check out how by reading the article below. Don’t forget to make sure your device supports Voicemail. Check out the instructions. 

#10. How to disable Incognito mode on iPhone

Don’t want to be bothered with ads appearing on your browser? You can try to set up to Private Mode on Iphone. Try to practice according to the instructions below. Customize the browser you use. 

#11. my iPhone won’t connect to wifi but other devices will

There is a problem with the wifi not connecting to your iPhone device. Try to check first with the instructions that we have summarized below. How to troubleshooting this?

#12. Personal Hotspot not showing on iPhone Fix it Easily

hotspot troubleshooting what happens to this is, why can’t it be connected to other iPhone devices. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you, but if this happens you can do things according to the instructions that the author has done before. Hopefully this is useful. 

#13. My iPhone Screen Went Black but Still Works

iPhone screen gone black, whey? before you take it to the nearest service center, please do the things according to the instructions in the article below. Click to continue. 

#14. my iPhone is frozen and won’t turn off or reset

You can force restart the iPhone if the iPhone device suddenly hangs. Not moving at all. So immediately do the steps correctly. Oh yes, this could happen because the memory on your gadget is full, or you install third-party applications that have been detected by malware. 

15. How to Make iPhone Screenshot Shortcut

Capture rare moments by taking screenshots on your iPhone. Why this has to be done because the Photo or Text that you want to save cannot be downloaded completely. Make sure to do it gradually. 

#16. How to Hide apps on iPhone Home Screen

How to Hide apps on iPhone perfectly so that your partner doesn’t want to see it, Prepare the steps as below. Good luck. oh yeah don’t forget to make sure after that you can look it up again. 

#17. How to turn off iPhone without screen or Home button

whether you have trouble doing Force Power OFF on the Iphone either using buttons or without buttons. If that happens, try doing it according to the instructions in the article below. 

#18. How to view hidden Photos on iPhone

Have a desire to Hide Photos Album on iPhone so that it is not visible to others, you can do it. But you have to be careful, later you can find it anymore. No need to worry about this happening to you, follow the steps below. 

#19. How to Backup WhatsApp iPhone to PC free

Before you do a hard reset or factory setting, try to backup data from iPhone to Computer. why because if you don’t do it you can lose data which is very important. 

#20. How to make a Memoji on iPhone

You want to send cute funny emoji stickers to relatives or friends. How to Create AR Emoji app is easy and free. You must try it with the help of the third pihat application or the default Apple iPhone application. 

#21. iPhone won’t charge when plugged in

If the iPhone Battery won’t charge there are two possibilities. Namely, your battery is damaged or your battery is completely discharged. Before you take it to the service center, try to do the steps as written in the article below.How to FIX it?

#22. How to send text to multiple contacts on iPhone

You want to send messages in bulk, and you don’t know how. This article will tell you how to send group messages on iPhone. You don’t need to be tired to write messages one by one. Good luck. 

#23. iPhone split screen YouTube : How to do it ?

You want to use apps simultaneously and How to do Split Screen on iPhone can be done easily. Follow the instructions below.

#24. Schedule text message iPhone free

want to send messages simultaneously but there is no time for that, you can try tips on scheduling text messages on iPhone. Make sure your device supports this service. 

#25. How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer with USB

The photos stored on your iPhone fill up the memory. Then you should move this to your Laptop or Computer easily. How to get iPhone Photo to PC quickly and easily. do the things below. 

#26. How to Screen record iPhone with sound

Want to record something on your iPhone easily, try doing some ways How to Settings iPhone screen record? Make sure your device memory is sufficient. Check the tricks below. 

#27. How to unlock iPhone without passcode or Face ID or computer

You forgot the password or pattern on your iPhone. how to open it. How to Unlock iPhone Without Password. The next article will be made. Wait for the update.

#28. How to wipe cache partition on iPhone?

#29. How to clear app cache on iPhone?

#30. How to Clear cache google assistant on Iphone?

30 Best iPhone tips and tricks, troubleshooting You Must KNOW. which is very helpful to you and so easy to do. Hope your days are fun. Good Luck.

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