3 Basic iPhone 14 Instruction Manual for Beginner

iPhone 14 Instruction Manual

A beginner needs detailed iPhone 14 Instruction Manual to operate this new product. That’s obvious because the new product has many new features that you can’t find on the previous iPhone. 

However, many people who have iPhone 14 as their first iPhone might have a problem operating it smoothly. The user guide from Apple also only covers basic things.

iPhone 14 Instruction Manual
iPhone 14 Instruction Manual

For that reason, this article will help you to know more about your new iPhone 14. Here, we have the iPhone 14 instructions to operate three basic functions of this device. Let’s start!

Activate Specific Phone Mode

It is also known as the Focus Mode. iPhone 14 has five options you can activate depending on your preference or activity. To find the Focus Mode options, open Settings and tap the Focus menu. 

Then, you will find five options you can pick, which are Driving, Do Not Disturb, Sleep, Personal, and Work. Choose one that you need.

Add Widgets on Lock Screen

Widgets help you to use iPhone 14 much more efficiently. To add several widgets on your phone’s lock screen, you can tap and hold the time frame on the lock screen and slice above or below. 

It will bring out the widgets menu. Choose the widgets you want to put on the lock screen. Or, you can go to Settings, tap Wallpaper, choose a New Wallpaper option, and tap Stills to set up the lock screen along with the widgets you want to put there.

How to Charge iPhone 14

Without instruction, it is difficult to use the unique charging feature of the iPhone 14. The first method to charge this iPhone is by using the cable and power adapter. This method is the standard one. Everyone knows how to do it. 

However, iPhone 14 also comes with wireless charging technology. To do this, you should activate the Qi-certified charger. You also can get it on the iPhone 14 package you bought. 

To activate this wireless charger, you only need to connect it to a power source. Then, put your iPhone 14 on it. In a second, you can see a charging icon appear on the screen. That is the sign that your iPhone 14 is charging.

Those three are the basic instructions you will need for iPhone 14. For more information about this phone, please visit Apple’s official website. You can find the official iPhone 14 Instruction Manual there.

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