iPhone User Guide for Dummies

iPhone User Guide for Dummies
iPhone User Guide for Dummies

iPhone User Guide for Dummies: How to Start Your iPhone

iPhone User Guide | Many say that the iPhone has a complicated setup process. This opinion is not entirely wrong, because there are indeed several steps that must be passed after buying, especially if you have just moved from an android phone. You can follow the steps with the iPhone user guide for dummies.

However, the settings that must be done are useful for device security. Because Apple is known to have very secure security protection and it is very useful for user data security. 

For those of you who just have an iPhone, of course, you have to learn various information about the iPhone, so that the existing features can be used more optimally.

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Start your iPhone

The very first step to using your iPhone is that you have to start activating your iPhone. Press and hold the lock button until you see the Apple icon on the iPhone screen.

1. Setting your iPhone

The first step after you turn on your iPhone is to do the setup. After it turns on and a welcome appears, swipe the screen right and left and follow the required steps.

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2. Sign up to use iPhone

You can choose to set up a new iPhone if it is the first time using an iPhone. Restore from iCloud backup if you already have an Apple ID and want to restore files stored in the iCloud. If you don't have an Apple ID, you can create one via the Settings app. 

Open the settings application then you will see the Apple ID menu at the top of the menu. Press and there will be a feature right below the password, namely "Don't have an Apple ID or Forgot" please press it to create a new Apple ID.

That's the iPhone user guide for dummies for the earliest way to start your iPhone.