iPhone 13 Screen Record With Audio : How to?

iPhone 13 Screen Record With Audio
iPhone 13 Screen Record With Audio

iPhone 13 Screen Record With Audio Follow The 2 Ways

Are you curious about how to iPhone 13 Screen Record With Audio ? The steps can be simple and not complicated. It allows you to capture a picture on your device screen. 

It can appear as the original on your screen. Besides, you can also record what you do on screen. Here are the ways for you to do it. 

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How to Screen record iPhone with sound

Steps to Take A Screen Record

  • First, do the following ways. If your iPhone has a Face ID, you can press the button. Use the side key button for you to hold and release. Then, you can use the volume up key too. 
  • Meanwhile, if your iPhone has a Home button, you can hold and release this Home button. Make sure you tap the side key or Sleep/Wake key. 
  • Second, continue by doing the next way. Press the screenshot button located in the lower-left corner of your phone. Once you finish, you can press Done. 
  • Third, proceed to the last step to complete the process. You have to choose the Save to Photos menu. Then, select Save to Files.

Thus, iPhone 13 Screen Record With Audio If you do not want to save the screenshots, you can delete your Screenshot. If you select to save your photos, you can see them on your Photos app album. 

Your screenshot will be saved in the All Photos album. Otherwise, if you turn on your iCloud Photos, you can keep it there. Turn on the Settings and select Photos to activate your iCloud Photos.

Steps to Do iPhone 13 Screen Record With Audio

Aside from the above ways, you can also record your screen. It enables you to create a screen recording and make it appear as it is. Moreover, this function lets you record the sound on your iPhone as well. 

  1. First, you can start by going to Settings. Once you reach it, you can tap the Control Center. This key will lead you to another button. 
  2. Next, you can tap Screen Recording. This step starts with recording your screen. 
  3. Second, be sure to open the Control Center button. After that, you have to tap this key. Next, you have to wait for around three seconds. 
  4. You can wait for the timing while counting down it. Remember to count it up to three seconds at most. 
  5. Third, once you finish recording your screen, you can open the Control Center. You can press it while seeing the red status bar located on the screen top. 

Finish your recording by tapping the Stop key. After that, you can go to Photos to end the process. Thus, are you still questioning how to iPhone 13 Screen Record With Audio?