How to Clear Cache on iPhone 13

How to Clear Cache on iPhone 13
How to Clear Cache on iPhone 13

Clear Cache on iPhone 13

Do you know how to clear cache on iPhone 13? Do you know the purpose of cleaning the thing itself? Aside from the fact that most people spend hours mingling with a smartphone, like iPhone, many of them may not know about it. They do not even understand the matter of cache and its cleaning. Well, this particular thing is among the general things that all users of today’s techy smartphones need to know.

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How to clear app cache in iPhone for Safer Use

What is a Cache?

The concept of a cache is a storage reserve to speed up any process in the future within a device. In terms of cache in iPhone, it ensures that the system can run various apps quickly for the second time and further. For example, a user runs Safari to browse some pictures. There will be a cache on that Safari app after its use. For the next run, the app will open faster than its previous time.

Unfortunately, cache builds up its size after a while. When there are too many caches of various apps, it tends to slow down the system itself. Therefore, cleaning this thing is an important thing to do regularly. In this case, if you are a user of iPhone 13, you need to understand how to clear cache iPhone 13. It frees up some of the storage space of the device and boosts any operation in it.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone 13?

Clear app cache iOS 15 are possible to do without using any additional app. It is important to note that it is available to clean individually. 

  1. Go to the Settings menu on iPhone and look for the General and iPhone Storage menus. 
  2. There will be a list of all apps on the device itself. 
  3. Tap on the app to clear the cache and look for either Offload App or Clear Cache option.

Furthermore, it is also crucial to know how to clear cache iPhone 13 on Safari. Look for the Safari app from the list before. Tap the option of Clear History and Website Data. By doing that, the cache, cookies, and history in the Safari app will be there no more. It speeds up Safari the next time you open it. Nevertheless, the app tends to be slower at first because the cache is not there anymore.

It is easy on how to clear cache iPhone 13. More importantly, it is fundamental to know about it and to do it regularly. It prevents any issue with the device in the future that may require serious maintenance and service.