Handbook Apple iPhone 13

Handbook Apple iPhone 13
Handbook Apple iPhone 13

Handbook Apple iPhone 13 : The Guide to Identify the Features of iPhone 13

Handbook Apple iPhone 13 is usually included in the box when you buy an iPhone. Apple includes this handbook in the new series of iPhone 13. This iPhone will steal one’s attention due to its specifications and features. To reveal it, you can read the handbook of iPhone 13 before operating it. 

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What Is iPhone 13 Handbook? 

You surely get curious about the things included in iPhone 13 handbook. It is a handbook to guide you in identifying the parts of the iPhone 13. You can also find the procedures in operating this phone easily. Then, you can recognize some included features with their functions and advantages so that you can maximize the performance. In this handbook, you usually find complete procedures on turning on and off the phone, features, specifications, and information details of the iPhone 13. 

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Good Features of iPhone 13 

When you read the handbook iPhone 13, you surely direct to the part containing features and specifications of this new iPhone. It is so essential to assist you to reveal some plus points of this phone and advantages. There will be the top best features of this iPhone to know in this handbook. 

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Design and Appearance

From the point of the design, it has no difference between iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. The only difference is a notch on iPhone 13 which is smaller than the previous series. The look of the iPhone is still the same with the flat edge detail and ceramic shield look for better durability. 

It is available in five colours, pink, black, white, blue, and red. Those combine graphite, gold, and silver options. The appearance makes a huge change with the previous iPhone. Apple promises a brighter look 28% brighter from the iPhone 12 screen. You can find this in the handbook Apple iPhone 13. 


You can find about the camera in Apple iPhone 13 handbook. The camera is the main difference between the iPhone 13. The number of the lens is not changing in which it offers 12MP for the main camera with the biggest sensor of iPhone products. The model iPhone 13 uses a stabilization feature and optical sensor-shift image added. iPhone 13 offers a dramatic change of the camera. The main sensor is bigger than the previous series. 

Performance and 5G

This iPhone is empowered by a processor A15 bionic. It is a new model with a GPU 5-core depending on the graphic processor. It has installed iOs 14 but it is increasing to iOS 15 when the updating device is running. 

Those are some features that you can find in the handbook Apple iPhone 13 now.