iPhone13 User Guide

iPhone13 User Guide
iPhone13 User Guide

iPhone13 User Guide—Cool Tips and Tricks with iOS 15

Have you read your iPhone13 user guide? If you have flipped through all the pages, you will find out that iOS 15 presents so many great new features. It is safe to say that iOS 15 is superior compared to Apple’s older operating systems as well as its competitors. 

So, you must try out all the new features so you can enjoy your iPhone 13 to the fullest. Here are some of the best things that you must try in the iPhone 13.

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Scheduled Summary

If you are sick and tired of getting notifications on your phone, this is the feature for you. This feature will bundle together all the notifications and send them to you at a scheduled time. 

This way, you can say goodbye to random notifications popping out throughout the day. To enable this feature, you can follow this step. Go to Setting ­čí¬ Notifications ­čí¬ Scheduled Summary ­čí¬ choose the apps you want. 

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Prevent Apps from Tracking You

Another thing you can learn from iPhone13 user guide is to stop apps from tracking you. Privacy is a luxury in this digital era, but this feature will let you enjoy a more private space when you are using your phone. 

To activate this feature, go to Settings, choose Privacy, then tap “Tracking.” If you want to stop all apps from tracking you, simply toggle off “Allow apps to request to track”. App tracking is not always bad. Sometimes it is needed to give you more relevant advertisements. In this case, you also can manually choose which apps you want to stop. 

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New Way to Screenshot

Usually, you have to push two buttons at once to screenshot something. iOS 15 makes a breakthrough in this technology and make screenshot ten times easier. 

Now you can tap the back of your phone twice to capture a screenshot. But this feature is not automatically activated. You have to enable it on the Settings app. Go to Settings­čí¬ Accessibility ­čí¬ Touch ­čí¬“back tap” ­čí¬ double-tap ­čí¬ Screenshot. 

There are still many simple but useful features that Apple brings in the iOS 15. You can enjoy all of them in the iPhone 13 models. 

Don’t forget to try the new camera features as well, especially if you love making videos. The camera now comes with a rack focus feature that allows you to tap on any object during filming to focus on them. You can consult to iPhone13 user guide to know more about this feature.