iPhone 12 Mini Manual User Guide

iPhone 12 Mini Manual User Guide
iPhone 12 Mini Manual User Guide

How to Download iPhone 12 Mini User Guide

Apple brings its latest technology on the iPhone 12 mini with its most advanced features, the iPhone 12 is a favorite of many people. Using the iPhone 12 mini is a little challenging for some, even for young people.

Of course, as an iPhone user, you will need an iPhone 12 mini manual user guide that will help you master your phone with its most advanced features.

iPhone 12 has a very attractive design with a modern new color option. All the features and looks are very representative of Apple which continues to provide innovation.

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Reading the iPhone 12 Mini Guidebook

The manual contains about introduction to Safari, Activating Siri, Tracking a lost iPhone, and so on. The manual also has information regarding the latest device updates in iOS 14.

Apple provides manuals online which you can get in the following two ways:

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1. Read Guide Through Safari

The first way to view the iPhone 12 mini manual user guide is through Safari. Here are the steps for viewing manuals via Safari:

  • Open Safari and type support.apple.com/guide.iphone
  • Then you can immediately see the iPhone user manual.
  • To change the language, you can click the "region" menu at the bottom of the page.

To get quick access to this manual, you can add it as an icon on your home screen. Or you can also add to bookmarks so that when you open Safari, the manual page appears on the Safari front page.

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2. Read Guidebooks Through Apple Books

The second way is to use iBooks, here are the steps:

  • Open the iBooks app 
  • Look for "iPhone user manual"
  • Then the results will appear and you can download them.

Those are some ways to read the iPhone 12 mini manual user guide. Reading manuals is very important so that you can use your iPhone like a pro.