Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max User Guide

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max User Guide
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max User Guide

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max User Guide: The Simple Guide to Use It

Apple iPhone 13 pro max user guide | This smartphone has stolen the attention of gadget lovers due to the release of the iPhone 13 series. Many people praise the greatness of this series because it offers solid and smooth navigation without lag. 

iPhone 13 pro max has everything. It has better performance, a good screen with various features, and durable battery power. You can know some things to use Apple iPhone 13 pro max user guide. 

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iPhone13 User Guide

1. Unbeattle Chipset Performance

You can rely on Apple products. It is about the performance. iPhone has been embedded with a strong chipset and beat the competitor easily. iPhone 13 pro max has an A15 bionic chipset being a combination of six cores. 

Those are two units of Avalanche with the strength of 3.223 GHz and four cores of Blizzard running on the frequency of 1.82 GHz. It takes a fabrication process of 5 nanometers with thermal design power. It makes iPhone 13 pro max stronger. 

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2. AnTuTu V9 Benchmark Result

iPhone 13 pro max seeds the third place. You can use this iPhone for gaming because it has a high score total. The score is 854218 points. It is higher than android gaming phones. 

With the benchmark result, it means that it has a stronger performance for browsing and gaming. You can play heavy games on this iPhone. 

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3. Testing a Game Performance

If you want to use iPhone 13 pro, you can apply Apple iPhone 13 pro max user guide. It helps you to perform well. It can run a dolphin emulator or smash bros with a stable frame rate on the level of 60 FPS. 

The strong performance of this handphone is supported by YouTuber Dame Tech running the Genshin Impact game successfully. You can see the highest graphic settings without lag at all. 

4. Amazing Battery Power

You can select this iPhone 13 pro max due to the amazing battery power. It has a ProMotion feature changing the refresh rate screen to be 120 Hz. 

It generally spends much battery power so that it influences the whole battery endurance. However, Apple has a brilliant solution to prevent that problem. It adjusts a refresh rate based on the content that you enjoy. 

When you open an ebook, you don’t require moving a screen. You can activate the 10 Hz refresh rate. However, when you play a particular game with a high freshness, you must activate a 120 Hz refresh rate. You can apply this way on Apple iPhone 13 pro max user guide.