User Guide iPhone 12 Pro Max

User Guide iPhone 12 Pro Max
User Guide iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Ways That You Apply for User Guide iPhone 12 Pro Max

User Guide iPhone 12 pro max is the newest smartphone from Apple. It offers some good changes from the performance, design, and technology. 

Thus, though it is still pandemic, many people want it. This iPhone is the highest series of the new iPhone. There will be some ways on user guide iPhone 12 pro max. 

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Turning Camera Quickly 

You will see the camera icon on the right bottom side of the locked screen. You can press that button for times until you enter camera mode. 

You can also enter camera mode by swiping left from the camera button. It offers the fastest way to use the camera. 

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Finding Some Features through Spotlight Search 

In the operating system of iOS, you will see a search feature called Spotlight Search. The way of using it is easy. You can swipe it down from the center of the screen. 

The feature is used to find an application. However, you can use it to search for some settings. For example, if you want to add language on the keyboard, you just type a language on Spotlight Search. 

You will see a setting and enter it without worries. If you want to deactivate an auto-brightness, you type auto-brightness. Then, you will see the setting. It is very simple to do on the user guide iPhone 12 pro max. 

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Recording Videos Shortly 

It is back to the camera in which you can record the videos quickly without moving to the video mode. The way is opening a camera. Then, you press and hold a video recorder button. 

iPhone 12 max pro will record a short video. If your fingers press a button release, the video recording will stop at that time. 

Using a Standard Format to Take Images and Photos

By using a standard format for images, it can ease your devices to be images or videos to android or personal computer. the iPhone has used a new format in taking images. 

The device will not recognize it when it receives those files because it is different. Thus, you can change a derived format to ease taking and sharing images or videos. The way is pressing a camera setting and benefiting spotlight search. 

Then, you select a format menu. You can go to the device file differently. 

Those are some steps and ways that you can do when you want to apply for a user guide iPhone 12 pro max. You can get easiness in using this iPhone 12 max pro.