User Guide iPhone 12 Mini

User Guide iPhone 12 Mini
User Guide iPhone 12 Mini

User Guide iPhone 12 Mini — 3 Cool Features to Try

User Guide iPhone 12 Mini | There are so many things you can learn about your phone from reading the user guide iPhone 12 mini. But do you know that there are some secret features that you can't find inside the guide? 

This article will show you some cool tips and tricks to take your experience with your phone to the next level.

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Change Your Default Browser

One thing that people don't really like about iPhones is we can't change the default browser, so we are stuck with Safari. Even though iPhone's browser works just fine, you probably want to use other browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, as your default browser. 

The feature to change the default browser finally arrives in iPhone 12 with iOS 14 or above. You can change the default browser by going to Settings. You can use the same trick to change your default email app.

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User Guide for iPhone 12 Mini

Moving Multiple App Icons

You can read the user guide iPhone 12 Mini if you want to know how to move an app icon to a folder or another page. All you need to do is long-press the icon. Once it wiggles, you can drag it to the page you want. 

Now imagine the precious time that will be wasted if you're going to move 20 icons one by one.

Luckily, iPhone 12 Mini comes with a new feature that allows you to move multiple icons at once. The trick is pretty much the same with moving one icon. 

But before you drag the icon to another page, you can press as many icons as you want and move them together at once. This simple feature makes rearranging your home screen more convenient.

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iPhone 12 Mini User Guide for Dummies

Adding More Face to Face ID

Apple develops Face ID to make iPhone more secure. At first, we can only add one face to unlock the Face ID, assuming that each device is owned by one person. 

But now, you can add more than one face to open the Face ID. To add more faces, go to Setting, choose the Face ID and Passcode screen, tap on 'Set Up Alternative Appearance', and simply add the second face.

Even though iPhone 13 and its family has been launched, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are still in style, so you don't have to buy a new phone just yet. 

Make sure to read the user guide iPhone 12 Mini so you can find out more cool features to use.