User Guide for iPhone 12 Mini

User Guide for iPhone 12 Mini
User Guide for iPhone 12 Mini

User Guide for iPhone 12 Mini: The Ways on Using It

User guide for iPhone 12 Mini | Apple launched the iPhone 12 including the iPhone mini. It is not the different launching in which Apple has released a launching package. Besides, this series has some complete features. 

When you want to buy it, you should know the user guide for iPhone 12 mini. It is helpful to operate it easily. 

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Facetime Call in 1080p with 5G

iPhone 12 mini is completed with the bionic processor and iOS 14 with new features. iPhone 12 mini is the first iPhone that you can use a video call with FaceTime in 1080pHD. 

To do it, you can follow the steps. Firstly, press setting, cellular, data mode, and allow more data on 5G. You will get FaceTime in HD through 5G. You can always have an option to call HD through a wifi connection. Though 5G is not available in all countries, you can still enable this FaceTime video call through cellular data. 

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Using AirPlay for HDR Content Streaming 

The thing to do for the user guide for iPhone 12 mini uses AirPlay. If you have an Apple TV second generation or a smart television with the AirPlay feature, you can do HDR streaming content with iPhone 12 mini. 

You can make your content easily with this smartphone. 

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Building an SOS Feature

Apple iPhone 12 mini has emergency SOS features to call emergency calls. If you press and hold a side button and volume button, you can calculate the down and warning sound. 

If you press a button before finishing, your new iPhone will automatically try to reach a local emergency range. You can build an SOS call with this smartphone. 

Controlling Your Smartphone with Siri

Siri is a sound assistant available in Apple and devices. This feature has become more popular in recent years. You can use it fully. 

With iPhone 12, you can control your devices by commanding Google Assistant to do any actions. You just press and hold a side button. You can also manage and say Hi Google and turn on Sound Control. With this special mode, you can send a sound message by activating 

it. You can ask Siri to select any options to display on the screen. If you are not sure on the screen, you can ask Siri to show numbers or show names. You will get a tag overlay display on any items on the screen. 

To activate a sound control, you must go to the setting and choose Accessibility. Then, you select sound control and manage it. 

Those are some things that you can do for a user guide for iPhone 12 mini.