Apple iPhone ios 13 User Guide

Apple iPhone ios 13 User Guide
Apple iPhone ios 13 User Guide

Apple iPhone iOS 13 User Guide and Best Features

If you read the Apple iPhone ios 13 user guide thoroughly, you will notice that Apple has given this OS a very generous update. There are many new features that you can’t enjoy in the older operating systems. 

If you are an iOS 13 user, here are some new features that you can try. 

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Silencing Unknown Callers

Are you sick and tired of getting calls from telemarketers or even prank calls? iOS 13 comes to your rescue by offering the Silence Unknown Callers feature. Simply go to Settings, choose Phone, then enable ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ to activate this. 

After activating this feature, you will not hear calls from unknown numbers.

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Closing Safari Tabs Automatically

It might be a simple feature. But if you are the type of person who always opens a new Safari tab without closing the old ones, this feature can be a lifesaver so that the opened tabs don’t eat away your RAM. 

To automatically close the tabs, you can go to Settings, tap Safari, then tap Close Tabs. The best thing about this is you can schedule when the tabs will be closed. There are three options you can choose—After One Day, After One Week, and After One Month.

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Use Mouse

iOs 13 now supports a mouse that can be used with iPhone or iPad. However, iOS 13 only supports Bluetooth mouse, and you cannot use a USB mouse with your Apple devices. 

To start using a Bluetooth mouse, you first need to pair the mouse with your device. Go to Settings ­čí¬ Accessibility ­čí¬ Touch ­čí¬ Assistive Touch ­čí¬ Devices ­čí¬ Bluetooth Devices.

More Powerful Screenshot Features

iOS 13 really levels up its screenshot game. Now you can screenshot a full web page with just one click. For devices with Face ID, press power and volume up together to take a screenshot. 

For devices without Face ID, simply press the Power and Home button at once. When the screenshot preview has appeared, tap it and click Full Page. Save the screenshot to PDF files, and the screenshot will be safely stored in the Files. 

Please note that this feature only works with Safari. You can’t use the other browser to take a full-page webpage screenshot.

iOS 13 update really makes using iPhone more convenient. We now have iOS 15, but if your phone doesn’t support this iOS, you don’t have to worry because iOS 13 is more than enough for a smooth experience with iPhone. Don’t forget to read the Apple iPhone iOS 13 user guide to find more interesting features.