iPhone 12 Manual Get Instructions on PDF or iBook

iPhone 12 Manual
iPhone 12 Manual

iPhone 12 Manual

For iPhone users, not only from the younger generation but seniors also have to master the iPhone 12 with all the advanced features. So all users deserve to read the manual to master their device.

Reading the new iPhone 12 Manual is very important, especially since Apple always brings the latest technology with every iPhone release. 

Even the iPhone 12 managed to steal our attention with its unique body, display, and camera.

The Importance of Reading Guidebooks

The iPhone manual is very important especially for upgrades, updates, and system changes in iOS 14. Therefore, there are several ways you can do so that you can read this manual.

1. Read Guidebooks in Safari

The first way to read the new iPhone 12 user guide is through safari. Here are the steps:

  • Open Safari and type "support.apple.com/guide/iphone"
  • Select the "region" menu to change the language

For faster access, add this guidebook to your smartphone screen shortcut. You can create a new icon on the home screen.

In addition, you can make it a bookmark that automatically appears when you open Safari. These two methods can make it easier for you to read the manual.

2. Read the Guidebook from Apple Books

The next way is to download the guidebook at Apple Books. You can do this method when your iPhone is not connected to the internet.

Here are the steps:

  • Open the iBooks app on your iPhone
  • In the search field, type "iPhone user guide"
  • After that, wait until the results appear and click download book

One of the advantages that users get when reading the new iPhone 12 manual is being able to master their cellphone.

iPhone 12 User Guide

This is iPhone 12 User Guide, perhaps, is one of the most anticipated smartphones launched in 2020. 

Many speculations among gadget enthusiasts were getting hotter since the iPhone 12 was announced by Apple in the mid of October this year. 

So, what is known so far about this device? Find out everything you need to know about this latest series of iPhone here.

iPhone 12 User Guide
iPhone 12 User Guide

A. Release Date

Well, you need to know that this year Apple launched two different series of iPhone, they are the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini. 

So, don’t be mistaken about these two products. As for iPhone 12, the device was officially released on October 23, 2020. 

Meanwhile, iPhone 12 mini was launched later on November 13, 2020. Just like other products by Apple, these two iPhone series can also be bought from the online Apple Store. 

You can also purchase them in some other places like Apple retail locations as well as third-party retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

B. Price

Depending on the version, the price of the iPhone 12 series can be different from one to another. 

For the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 with 64GB of storage, the price starts from $799. This version of the iPhone comes with 128GB and 256GB that are available for you to choose from, with an extra fee, of course. 

Meanwhile, the price set for the iPhone 12 mini ranges from $699. With an extra fee, you can pick up storage options (128Gb and 256GB) provided. 

However, you need to keep in mind that these two starting prices are only for iPhone customers of T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon across the US. 

If you want to purchase the iPhone 12 series with SIM-free models, the price can start at $829 for iPhone 12 and $729 for iPhone 12 mini.

C. First Impressions

Both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini have a bit different size. While iPhone 12 is 6.1 inches in size, the iPhone 12 mini is 5.4 inches. 

Aside from battery size and screen size, these two series of iPhone 12 also come with nearly identical features. 

These include OLED displays with Ceramic Shield, the latest A14 chip of Apple, improved cameras, and a new design. 

Aside from these features, both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini also support 5G, providing you with faster cellular networks. 

They also have four different color options (white, green, blue, black, and red) available for you to choose from.

I hope the iPhone 12 guide information can help you decide whether to buy this gadget or not. Hope your days are fun. Good Luck.

There are some strong reasons to answer the question above! At least, the users become more confident to control and manage their iPhone using the beginners guide to iPhone 12. Besides assisting in managing the use, the user guide iPhone 12 is extremely useful for beginners. 

D. Information

So, the communication device that uses iOS 14 will work better.  Here, you will get the information on getting the user guide iPhone 12 Pro. It turns out you can see the content of guide for iPhone 12 below:

1. Welcome Apple Greets, you and ready to help you where it shows on the initial page for guide to iPhone 12.

2. Show the supported, iPhone model For apple iPhone 12 Guide, It demonstrates the model of the iPhone that you hold. For example, is iPhone 12 is the gadget that you have.

3. iOS 14 information, Next, the Apple user guide iPhone 12 explains the iOS 14 that is new in iPhone in detail. In this chapter, you will know about the setting up, how to start it, basics, apps, and Siri. There are also family sharing, screen time, accessories, CarPlay, and many more.

4. Copyright Lastly, this book confirms the copyright of the iPhone 12!

iPhone 12 User Guide for Dummies

iPhone 12 user guide for dummies | If you are a long-time user of Android, shifting to iPhone 12 might cause you to get a bit overwhelmed. 

From setting up the Face ID to back up and restore, many things need to be learned by a first-time user of the iPhone. 

iPhone 12 User Guide for Dummies
iPhone 12 User Guide for Dummies

This iPhone 12 user guide for dummies will help you avoid frustration later. 

1. Set Up Face ID

Face ID in iPhone 12 should be activated to optimize security. This is also the fastest way you can unlock your phone, making it easier to avoid complicated passcode. 

Setting up Face Id in iPhone 12 is usually quicker and simpler than Touch Id. All you need to do is just look around in a circle shown by the setup screen slowly a couple of times. 

This action is considered faster than registering a fingerprint by tapping the home buttons several times.

2. Different Gestures and Commands

Once you’ve unboxed your iPhone 12’s pack, you will find out that this phone has no home button. Instead of the home button, this phone provides you with a glorious OLED display. 

There will be some new gestures and commands you need to learn, especially if you are new to this iPhone 12. 

Some basic commands that you need to know include return home, jump between apps, app switcher, close an app, take a screenshot, and more.

3. Quick Charging

The new iPhone 12 comes with a new feature called MagSafe. This new feature is actually a charging puck that can be attached magnetically. MagSafe itself is almost the same as the other wireless chargers of Qi. 

The only difference is in the secure alignment of the magnetic. This feature will make it possible for you to speed up the charging period needed by the iPhone 12. 

MagSafe can charge your iPhone 12 almost as fast as a Lightning cable. It is even considered twice as fast as if you charge the phone with ordinary Qi chargers.

4. Quick Start

Speaking about iPhone 12 user guide for dummies, you also need to learn about QuickStart. This special feature is magic. All you need to do is just hold your old phone to the iPhone 12. 

Then, there will be a tiny card that pops up on the screen. It will ask if you want to transfer all the data in your old phone to the new one. 

After that, make sure that you point the camera of your old phone at your new iPhone 12. Then, you will notice that the device shows a cloud of little dots. 

Make sure that you enter the 6-digit passcode of your old phone to start the transferring process.

iPhone 12 Instructions

iPhone 12 instructions So let's most likely to the setup. we will most likely to English and allow me establish it up from my iPhone 11. 

iPhone 12 instructions
iPhone 12 instructions

1. Setup

These are the iPhone 12 instruction guide from the beginning of turning on for the first time until the smartphone turns on with some basic settings. 

The following are the detailed steps instruction manual for iPhone 12. 

2. Fingerprint Set Up

Apple iPhone 12 instruction guide, I such as that the sides are matte also. That programs less finger prints. So this ought to be quite good to utilize. So we will wait on it to set up.

3. Face ID Setup

Let's set up a face ID. We will strike, proceed. We will strike start and let's go on and establish it up. Simply removal my going about right below. Alright.

Alright. Proceed. And we will do it once once more. And there we go. So ID is set up. I'll strike, proceed and proceed the setup.

4. Turn on and Get iPhone Operation Guide

I'll removal my SIM card right into this so we could examination out 5G also. However allow me go strike concur and in advance . Undergo the setup. 

Currently, at this moment, we could establish it up as a brand-new smartphone or bring back it from a back-up.

I'm not mosting likely to move anything simply to obtain it set up rapidly. We will go strike proceed and in advance . And it states, maintain your phone up to this day. 

We will strike proceed. Currently we do not need to do this. We could establish it up by hand.

5. Apple Pay

As much as automated updates, typically there was a choice. So this has altered with this version. So we will wait on it right below. It is asking me if I wish to set up Apple pay.

6. SIRI options

iPhone 12 Directions for Siri Options, This screen is a bit various. It appearances such as it, however I'll establish it up later on. 

Currently it is asking me if I wish to enhance Siri, dictation sharing sound recordings or otherwise. Currently I'll state not currently.

7. Home Screen Display

Share application analytics. You could show developers or otherwise. And after that you could alter the display. Zoom I'll leave at basic. And it states thanks for visiting iPhone.

Therefore currently we're on the main home screen and it appearances familiar. Obviously, it is what you would certainly anticipate with an iPhone. Those black boundaries are a bit striking,

however the bezels behave and slim and it appearances such as an iPhone. Currently let's have a look and see what version is pre-installed. 

So we will most likely to setups, after that we will most likely to basic and regarding, you could see it has version 14, 0.1 on it.

8. Wallpaper Settings

Currently let's go on and have a look at a few of the wallpapers. See if we have anything brand-new, we will most likely to wallpaper, select a brand-new wallpaper. 

So we will go right below, most likely to stills, absolutely nothing brand-new right below. 

And we will return one. And under online, we have some brand-new ones. So this is the blue iPhone. I'll choose a blue establish, both.

And once once more, if you enter right below, it will animate. If you continue the screen, although this display is haptic touch, it's not 3d touch. 

So you understand there. So we will go house. And currently we have the brand-new wallpaper. 

Currently, various other compared to that, obviously, there is a great deal of brand-new functions with this telephone.

9. MagSafe Charger

Among them is you could accused of MagSafe. Therefore allow me reveal you the magnets beneath right below. 

And you could see with this magnet paper, there are some magnets beneath and that is the ring and you could bill keeping that.

Currently let's go on and connect the battery charger on and it is on there quite limited. It does not appear like it is mosting likely to diminish whatsoever. 

And it states, well, I entered into keeps in mind, however you will see it is billing.

Let's see if there is an animation for that. Currently let's most likely to the secure screen and see what it is such as. There we go. 

There is a good animation. And after that there is expected to be animation if you utilize various color situations with it and let's attempt the blue situation.

There we go. There is a blue ring. Attempt it once once more with plum, simply to see what it appearances such as on the secure screen. 

And currently it is a plum color. So you will see that it modifications based upon the situation you place on.

10. Camera : Photo and Video

It is simply a good bit touch that we're utilized to with Apple. Currently let's go on and have a look at the various other functions them being the camera. The camera has, there'll be vision HDR.

So let's go to the camera right below and see what choices we have. So you've obtained various points for scene discovery, obviously, wise HDR.

We will transform on the grid. And after that obviously, such as I stated, tape-taping video clip, you could go 4K60 HDR. 

Our video clip here's a choice. So document as much as 30 frameworks each 2nd in 10 little bit high vibrant, the vary, consisting of Dolby vision. 

So we will examination that at completion of the video clip, I'll document with this camera in HDR and see what it is such as.

Currently let's go on and have a look at the camera and you could see there is the back camera picture setting. We will enter into the various other choices. 

So we could change direct exposure and points such as that.

Much like a few of the more recent iOS 14 functions, however let's return and, and we will return to the video clip. So let's simply document a fast video clip. 

So I'll strike document and you could, here is the high top quality from the video clip camera. This is the back camera.

You could see there is the iPhone 12 professional back there. And generally, it appearances respectable on this display, dynamic, brilliant, and good . 

And after that let's see, return to the picture. We will take a picture right below.

You will see it dims significantly. And if we zoom in, it is quite sharp, the high top quality appearances respectable. 

So it'll be quite fascinating to attempt this out a bit much a lot extra thoroughly, and after that likewise let's rotate about the forward-facing camera. 

And obviously, this is the forward-facing camera. So we will strike document right below. We're in 4k 30, and currently we're recording the dealing with the camera of the iPhone 12.

11. 5G Networks

iPhone 12 Operating Instructions, Currently. Likewise, let's try 5G. See what that is such as. So we will bulge the SIM card tray right below. 

Currently, one point to keep in mind is this is double SIM, however if you are utilizing double SIM, it will not have the ability to utilize 5G in the manner in which you would certainly believe.

So it is, I assumption unable to do it when you are utilizing double SIM, you will not obtain the complete benefit of 5g, however let's try 5G. So we will wait on it to set up my carrier.

iPhone 12 instructions will take simply a minute. I understand that I have 5g, however 5G will intelligently button in between 5G and 4G to conserve battery life. So allow me shut off wi-fi. And it states 5G.

Video iPhone 12 User Guide First Set UP

iPhone 12 Pro User Guide

iPhone 12 pro lets you experience your life easier, giving you the best feature as well as giving you a breathtaking quality of iPhone. 

User Guide for iPhone 12 Pro
User Guide for iPhone 12 Pro

With a lot of features such as an amazing camera, connectivity, iTunes, and many more features, iPhone 12 pro is here to get you the best quality an iPhone can get. 

Now, if you are looking for an official user guide for iPhone 12 pro, look no further here. 

With so many features and amazing applications in your touch, iPhone 12 pro serves you the best experience and quality at your fingertips. Now, here are user manuals for an iPhone 12 pro.

Additional Information And Manuals For iPhone 12 Pro

To get the best experience on iPhone 12 pro, you need to take a look at the feature list, and user guide for iPhone 12 pro here to make sure you understand and know how to take care of an iPhone 12 pro. 

Here are a few notable features to take note of in the iPhone 12 pro. 

A. Crystal Clear And Professional Camera

With the professional camera at your disposal, get crystal clear pictures for up to 12 megapixels, giving you professional touch for both video and photos

B. Keep In Touch With Better Connectivity

To get a better connection with your friends, connect easier and faster by face-to-face video call anywhere anytime using iPhone 12 Pro

C. Focus On Your Goals More

Whether you use your iPhone as a gaming phone, for fitness recorder, for telecommunication, for photos, and any purpose, customize your app set and feature for your iPhone 12 pro

D. Keep Track Of Your Health Information

You can keep track of your health information and important facts every day, from easier tracking of calorie intake, daily exercises, insulin reminder, and many more. 

These are some user guides, and features that can be found here for the user guide for iPhone 12 pro for comfortable, and professional use.

iPhone 12 Pro Max User Guide

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max user guide | Apple launched the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the most advanced variant of the iPhone 12 series. 

This smartphone has several innovations that make it a step further than other state-of-art smartphones. 

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max User Guide
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max User Guide

When you buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max, it comes with a quick user. But if you want to read the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max user guide, you can look for it on the internet or directly go to the official website of Apple. Here are several things covered in the user guide.

A. Share Memory

Revisit experiences with memories, collections of meaningful, memorable photos that are collected and given music in the Photos app. 

You can make the memory more personal by choosing another recommendation from Apple Music for the soundtrack or choosing a mix of Memories to change the feel and look. 

After that, you can opt for sharing it with your friends or family to relive shared moments. In order to view your moments, open the Photos app and tap For You.

B. Night Mode

On the iPhone 12 series and newer models, the night mode is available with the front camera and when you change between 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 2.5x, or 3x. 

Night mode automatically takes bright and detailed photos in low light settings. When it turns yellow, the night mode is on. Tap the Shutter button, then do not move your device to take your photos. 

If you want to experiment with the night mode, tap the shutter button and move the slider below the frame to adjust the exposure time.

C. Battery and Charging

Do not attempt to replace the iPhone battery yourself because you may damage the battery, which can lead to overheating, fire, and injury. 

The lithium-ion battery in your iPhone should be serviced or recycled by Apple or an authorised service provider. It also must be recycled or disposed of separately from household waste. 

For information about Apple lithium-ion batteries and battery service and recycling, go to the Apple official website on the service and recycling section.

For information about charging, see Important Safety Information in the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max user guide.

That is some important information you can find in the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max user guide. You can read the user guide on the Apple official website in the support section. Or you can also read the quick guide that comes with your iPhone device.

iPhone 12 Mini User Guide

Apple iPhone 12 Mini User Guide | The iPhone 12 mini is the smaller version of the iPhone 12. But it is equipped with the same camera quality and power of the standard processor of the iPhone 12. 

Apple iPhone 12 Mini User Guide
Apple iPhone 12 Mini User Guide

So, you do not have to be worried about its performance. In order to properly and safely use the device, you are suggested to read the Apple iPhone 12 mini user guide. 

The user guide covers the essentials, like the battery and charging, medical device interference, Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC), and many others.

The user guide is available in various different languages, including English, Italian, French, and many more. In this article, we will review the iPhone 12 Mini.

A. Camera

iPhone 12 Mini is one of the best smartphones when it comes to camera quality. Whether you use a wide camera, ultra-wide angle camera, or front camera, it can generate photos and videos with great quality and flagship-grade. 

The only drawback is it does not come with a telephoto sensor. It is fun to take photos and videos with a very compact device. The iPhone 12 Mini is very stable even at a 4K 60fps resolution.

For the rear camera, apart from being without a telephoto sensor, taking portrait photos is also limited since most objects have to be slightly farther away. While the front camera is fine since it uses the Face ID sensor.

B. Features

Besides MagSafe, another attractive feature equipped in the iPhone 12 Mini is its stereo speaker setup. Though it is small, the sound output is as loud as the iPhone 11 or even louder. 

The sound output sounds good both from an earpiece and the device’s speaker. So, you can still enjoy your favorite music without using earphones. With iOS 15, Apple does not provide an option to adjust the display size. You can only make the text size smaller.

The Face ID is also instant compared to the previous generation. From a certain angle of inclination, the iPhone 12 Mini is better than the iPhone 11. Since it supports the NFC sensor, you can top up your e-money balance with this smartphone.

C. Performance

Powered by the Apple A14 Bionic chip, the iPhone 12 Mini is fast for today’s flagship standards, both for opening and closing apps, multitasking, and gaming. But since it is small, its body temperature easily gets hot.

For further and more complete Apple iPhone 12 Mini user guide, you can access Apple’s official website on the support section.

iPhone 12 Manual PDF

iPhone 12 Manual PDF, A lot of people wonder why Apple does not follow the Apple iPhone 12 guide pdf and iPhone 12 guide pdf download inside the box. 

Indeed, this manufacturer is unique in servicing the customers. It shows a different way of providing the iPhone 12 guide. 

A. Download iPhone 12 Manual on PDF

Apple wants to make the customers more actives in exploring the products and the accessories. Therefore, you get one duty for downloading the iPhone iOS 12 guide PDF independently.

Luckily, you quite click here for getting it in iPhone 12 guide PDF with the following information:

  • Language version Get your user guide of the iPhone 12 in the English version.
  • Format This page offers the format on the WEB.
  • Description However, the description is the  iPhone 12 user guide pdf. 

iPhone 12 Manual PDF
iPhone 12 Manual PDF

B. Download iPhone 12 Manual on iBook

There are two ways for getting this latest iPhone 12 Manual PDF on iBook

  1. Utilize Apple Book It merely needs three steps for downloading through your iPhone 12. After opening the Books apps, you must go to "Search" for typing the iPhone User Guide. It is the second step and the last is by tapping the Get button and let it downloads alone.
  2. Watch on Safari Click https://support.apple.com/guide/iphone to see your iPhone user guide but it is not the only one. You can use Add Bookmark or Add to Home Screen as the other alternatives in the safari.

You do not need an internet connection for reading the iPhone 12 beginners guide in the Books apps. So, you can open and perceive it anytime and anywhere. 

Thus, Apple just tries to present something different in providing the user guide. You must be more active in following Apple both from the official websites and the other sources.

Nonetheless, Apple will not bother the user by giving new options. You can download the iPhone 12 Pro max guide from iBook apps through your smartphone. 

Here are detailed Steps for Download and Use the iPhone 12 Pro Max Manual PDF on iBook:

1. Open your iPhone 12 Pro Max and iBook Use your iPhone 12 for getting the apple iPhone 12 Pro Max guide of iBook and follow the instruction for downloading.

2. Enter Your Password Say that you have downloaded the iPhone 12 pro max owners guide and you have been ready for opening iPhone 12 Pro max user guide download. Opening here means reading the manual book. Start it by tapping the icon of getting and informs on your Apple ID also password. But, give it only it needs it! Then, choose Read from apple 12 pro max guide!

3. Tap Read Again The iBook asks for tapping the Read once more time because it will open automatically. Afterward, tap the iBook’s screen to see the menu of the apple iphone 12 pro max user guide. Later on, it shows the table of content.

According to the description, you have several choices to get the user guide for iPhone 12 Pro Max. All free downloading without viewing the beginners or not. 

Even, you can read the iPhone 12 pro max guide download in iBook without the existence of an internet connection. 

Of course, it is the privilege of Apple in giving different services for the customers to get user guide iPhone 12 pro Max.

Do not forget for getting the iPhone 12 Max Pro guide through safari, and Iphone 12 guide on Apple Book. 


This will make them more familiar with all the applications and features that are on your new iPhone. So reading iPhone 12 Manual is an important step when buying a new iPhone.