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Why is My iPhone Screen Gone Black: Reasons and Solutions

What should you do if your iPhone screen gone black? This situation can get even more frustrating if then the screen is off but the phone is on. Your phone is ringing, but you cannot take the call.

You’ve reset the settings, waited until the battery is running out, and connected the phone to a power source, but the screen is still black. What is happening? How can you fix it? Below, we have some reasons why your phone’s screen is black.

iPhone screen gone black
iPhone screen gone black

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What has caused my iPhone screen to turn black?

When your phone screen suddenly turns black, the issues may come from the hardware. Thus, a quick fix is not something you can expect. Of course, a software crash may cause a black screen. However, if you’ve tried a hard reset and nothing works, it might be the hardware.

Generally, a software crash allows you to see the Apple logo on the screen when you’ve successfully reset and restarted the phone. Meanwhile, if the Apple logo seems never coming up, you need to check this article thoroughly.

Inside your iPhone

When it comes to an issue like the iPhone screen gone black, there are two types of hardware we are going to talk about, such as the logic board and display. Your phone is operated by the logic board a.k.a. the brain. Meanwhile, the display shows you what the brain wants to show.

The display is removable, but you need to run a series of complicated steps in the first place. This hardware consists of four major items such as the LCD screen, digitizer, front-facing camera, and the Home button.

When your screen turns black but you can still swipe the screen, it means the digitizer is working but not the LCD. Commonly, a black screen occurs when the connector of the LCD and logic board got dislodged. If this is the case then you can connect the dislodged cable back.

However, if the LCD is the issue, you need to replace it.

You know what to do

Of course, fixing the entire thing on your own is not a good idea, especially if you have no background as an iPhone technician. Thus, you need to bring it to a professional to get proper action. 

Some people would replace the LCD or buy a new iPhone instead. Keep in mind that when the iPhone screen gone black is normally not caused by a software crash.