CHECK This my iPhone battery is dead and wont charge

What Should I Do? My iPhone Battery is Dead And Wont Charge

Do you have a problem with your iPhone battery not charging? My iPhone Battery is Dead And Wont Charge is often experienced by cellphone users. This can happen if the phone has been used for a long time. Of course this problem is very annoying and can hinder your iPhone activity.

You can do this check yourself before bringing your iPhone to the nearest service center.

my iPhone battery is dead and wont charge
my iPhone battery is dead and wont charge

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Check cables and adapters

First, you can check the cable or adapter on your iPhone charger. Maybe the problem is not your iPhone, but the USB cable or charger adapter.

The USB cable on the charger is known to be easily damaged. This is because the material on the USB cable is easily peeled off, so if the cable is constantly bent for a long time, the cable will break more easily.

This can cause your iPhone to not charge. You can check this by connecting your other cellphone using the adapter and the charger cable.

Check the lightning charger port

Next, you can check the iPhone Lightning port charger. One of the reasons why the iPhone won't charge is because of dust or dirt on the charger port lightning. The dirt will certainly interfere with the charging process.

To clean this area, you only need to prepare a dry tissue or clean cloth. Then, clean the gaps in the lightning charger port. If so, you can blow it so that the dirt is gone.

Do Reset iPhone

The next step you can do is reset your iPhone. You can reset your iPhone if it turns out that the restart you did does not affect it at all.

Reset will return your iPhone to its original settings, so that all the settings you make will be deleted, including any errors that occur. You can back up important data first before resetting your iPhone.

Update iPhone iOS

The next problem that causes the battery iPhone dead and won’t charge because of a bug in the iPhone operating system.

If this happens, then the only step you have to do is update the iOS operating system. You can update iOS on the official iPhone counter.

That's all the information about why the iPhone battery is dead and won’t charge. If it turns out that when you have done all the methods above but your iPhone still cannot be charged in, then you should take your iPhone to an official iPhone service center and get the best recommendations for repairing your iPhone.