iPhone hotspot troubleshooting Fix it Easily

An iPhone Hotspot Troubleshooting Guide: How to Fix Personal Hotspot

At some point, you need to run an iPhone hotspot troubleshooting when you cannot share your internet connection. Normally, you can share your internet connection by tapping into a data connection to share it wirelessly.

However, some troubles may appear on iPhone, and lots of reasons might be the thing that caused this issue. Keep reading this article because you will find out what you need to take care of the issue.

iPhone hotspot troubleshooting
iPhone hotspot troubleshooting

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The easiest trick

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is by turning off the cellular data and personal hotspot before turning them on again. It works similar to resetting the hardware of the Wi-Fi. Most of the time, this trick works effortlessly. However, if you still have an issue with the personal hotspot, you can move on to the next method.

Restarting the devices

You need to run the iPhone hotspot troubleshooting if minor software errors occur. The errors could lead to issues with personal hotspot. You can run a soft reset on your iPhone and reboot other paired devices.

This method can be done by 6 Steps:

  • Press the Power button for a few seconds. 
  • Once a command appears, you can release the button and drag the slider to the right. 
  • Your phone will turn off
  • After 30 seconds. 
  • Then turn your iPhone on again until the Apple logo comes out on the screen.
  • Doing this method allows your device to clear cache and refresh.

Resetting network settings

The next solution is by resetting the network settings – this comes as the most recommended solution when it comes to fixing wireless connection issues on your iPhone. Since the command will reset all the current network configurations on your phone, all Wi-Fi settings will be erased as well.

  • You can go to the Settings and pick the General. 
  • Find the Reset tab 
  • Then tap the Reset Network Settings
  • The system will ask your passcode to proceed with the command. 
  • Once you’ve confirmed the action, the system will immediately reset the network settings on your iPhone.

The phone will automatically put your network settings to the default. Of course, you need to enable cellular data, Wi-Fi, and a personal hotspot to reconnect.

Other considerations

What if all of those things above didn’t work for your phone? Well, you should check your software version. Updating your iPhone to the latest software version is recommended to fix all unnecessary issues. And this is how you run the iPhone hotspot troubleshooting.