How to schedule iPhone text messages For Later

How to Schedule iPhone Text Messages Simply

How to schedule iPhone text messages if you have a lot of things to do in a day and are worried about sending important text messages to your beloved ones or colleagues. Scheduling them can be a great solution. Despite the absence of features to schedule text messages provided on the iPhone, some third-party will help you to do that. Learn more about this, on the following page.


How to schedule iPhone text messages
How to schedule iPhone text messages

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When it comes to app options provided by App Store, you can’t send the scheduled text messages without users’ final interaction. Surprised? You should not since it is a limitation normally set up by Apple. 

In this way, make sure that pick up a third-party that will provide you all your needs to schedule text messages easily. It should have, at least, all basic features to create a scheduled text message. 

The application should make it possible for you to pick up a recipient quickly. It should also allow you to draft a message easily, as well as schedule the time and date you intend to send the text message.

How to Schedule text messages on iPhone

Once you have found a third-party that meets your needs, you can instantly start scheduling text messages on your iPhone. Here are the simple steps to follow.

  • The very first thing you have to do is open the third-party application. This will enable you to have access to your contacts as well as notifications quickly.
  • Then, make sure that you click on the “Create Message” button available.
  • The next thing you should do is tap on the “Select Recipient” button. This will allow you to pick up a contact (or more) from your contact list.
  • After that, you need to click on the “Enter Your Message” button so that you can type your message.
  • Once you have done typing the message, you can create a schedule to send it simply by clicking on the “Schedule Date” button. This will make it possible for you to pick up a date and time that you can use to remind you later about sending the text message. Then, tap on the “Schedule Message” to end the process.
  • When the date and time that you have set up comes, you will a notification will pop-up on your iPhone, reminding you to deliver the message. Launch the application by tapping on the notification and then click on the “Sending Using” ... button. You can choose SMS/ iMessage to send the text message. End of the process.

How to schedule iPhone text messages? very easy right? so that it can save you time. hope your days are fun. good luck.