How to send group message iPhone Simply and Quickly

Simple Way on How to Send Group Message iPhone

Knowing how to send group message iPhone will optimize the use of the phone even further. Some people find the need to do this particular thing to be pivotal. Sending messages to several people at once will make it much more efficient in the time to do so. 

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An iPhone is a smartphone that offers its users a messaging service to a group of contacts at once. There is no need to download any third-party application at all on this. So, check out these things to know about group messages on any iPhone device.

How to send group message iPhone
How to send group message iPhone

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When it comes to how to send group message iPhone, there is the choice to send a group iMessage. Users of the iPhone will understand the feature of iMessage. This kind of aspect will be automatically activated and in use when sending messages to iMessage users. 

Send the message through this particular channel:

  • Open the Messages app.
  • Then start adding receivers from the contact list. 
  • Type the message.
  • Send it to those receivers right away. 

Chats over the iMessage feature will be in blue bubbles over the Messages application of the device.

Group MMS

Another type of group message available on iPhone is the group MMS. On this kind of chatting service, users will be able to receive and send videos plus photos. The mute notifications feature is there as well. Users can also see all responses within the group. 

This message will go through the carrier’s line instead of Apple’s line like the iMessage. It will appear in green bubbles over the Messages app of the device. The way to know how to send group message iPhone in the form of MMS is the same as the iMessage. 

The system will adjust the type of message automatically when photos and videos are in the chat to send. It requires the MMS Messaging menu to be set active at first.

iPhone Messages App

The last possible type of group message to exchange by using the iPhone is the group text message. Open the Messages app and tap the Compose button to start writing down the message. On the receiver tab, add as many people as possible to receive the chat at once. 

This text messaging service will run through the carrier’s line. It will use its credit to send the message. All in all, it is not a difficult thing to do in terms of how to send group message iPhone to many other iPhone users.