How to get photos from iphone to laptop : Easy To DO.

How to Get Photos from iPhone to Laptop Using a USB Cable

How to get photos from iPhone to laptop through a USB cable. Not only easy to do but this is also an effective way to free more space for your iPhone’s storage. 

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Either it is Windows or macOS, transferring your photos from your iPhone to a laptop by using a USB cable is a great way to help you have a backup for the pictures. 

So, when something unexpected occurs to your device, you still have the files. Wondering how to do it? Here is.

How to get photos from iphone to laptop
How to get photos from iphone to laptop

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Speaking about the best pair of iPhone series, you can’t skip MacOS from the list. The importing process of the pictures is also as easy as counting 1,2,3!

  • For the first step, you need to plug your iPhone into your laptop by using a lightning cable. This is the same method that you usually use to upload music from your iPod to a laptop.
  • Once the cable is successfully plugged into your computer device, the Photos App will automatically start. You can open the program through the Applications folder, Dock, or Launchpad if it fails to open. You can download the images from your iPhone to a new folder in macOS by using the Image Capture app.
  • Select the pictures you want to upload by clicking the blue “Import All New Items” button provided in the Photos app. You can find this button in the upper-right corner of your device. If you want to clear up the pictures that you have transferred to the MacOS, you can click on the “Delete Items after Import” button. Meanwhile, the “Last Import” button in the Photos app will make it possible for you to view pictures that you recently uploaded to the laptop.


Though the iPhone series are the best mates of macOS, Apple also allows the device to be compatible with its counterpart, Windows. All you need to do to upload photos using a USB cable from iPhone to Windows are:

  • Use the USB cable to plug your smartphone into your laptop.
  • The next thing you should do is use the Start menu to launch the Photos App. Make sure to unlock your iPhone to enable the action.
  • After that, just click on the “Import” button located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Pick up the pictures you want to transfer to your laptop by check-marking them. Once you have done with the selection process, make sure that you click on the “Continue” button. The transferring process is done.

How to Get Photos from iPhone to Laptop? very easy isn't it? I'm sure this will be very helpful, very effectively to the storage in your HP become loose. Good Luck.