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So, what should I do when my iPhone won’t turn on at all? Who does not get panicked if their smartphones suddenly die and cannot be turned back on. You probably get panicked too if the same incident happens to you.  

Before you decide to get your iPhone repaired or even buy a brand-new one, try these tips below first to turn your iPhone back on.

my iPhone wont turn on at all
my iPhone wont turn on at all

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Force Restart Or Hold the Power Button

When your iPhone suddenly dies or the screen suddenly turns black, you probably need to forcefully restart your device. Force restart will not damage or delete any content in your iPhone. In order to do this: 

  • you have to PRESS THE HOLD BUTTON on the top corner of your iPhone for around 10 seconds. 
  • If your device is not turned on yet, try to do it once again. 
  • After that, your iPhone screen will blink and the Apple logo will appear. 
If your iPhone is able to normally work, you are suggested to restart your device so that the features can normally work again.

Press the Hold and Home Buttons

If your iPhone cannot be restarted, you can try this way as an alternative. Press the hold and home buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. If it is possible, you can hold it for 20 seconds to 30 seconds. In many cases, this solution works and can turn your iPhone back on when it suddenly dies.

Charge Your iPhone

In some numbers of cases, iPhones suddenly die and cannot be turned back on because the battery power is very low. It is because iPhones use the remaining battery power in order to save your data and settings. 

So, when your iPhone suddenly dies and you cannot turn it back on, try to recharge it. Charge it by using the charger adapter or USB port in your computer. But if your iPhone’s battery is totally empty, it is highly recommended to charge the device by using the charger adapter.

Restore Your iPhone

If those tips mentioned above still cannot turn your iPhone back one, sometimes the best way you have to do is restoring your iPhone to factory settings. However, please note that this will delete all of your data and settings. Usually, you just need to synchronize your iPhone and click the Restore button via iTunes.

hose are the ways that you can try to turn on your iPhone back on when it suddenly dies. Hopefully there are no problems with your smartphone.

Your iPhone doesn't turn on or stuck on apple logo screen It could happen on:

iPhone type Release
iPhone 3G 2007
iPhone 3GS 2008
iPhone 4/4s 2010
iPhone 5/5c/5s 2012
iPhone SE 2016
iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s Plus
iPhone 7/7+ 2016
iPhone 8/8 Plus 2017
iPhone X/XR/XS/XS Max 2018
iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max 2019
iPhone SE 2020 2020
iPhone 12 mini 2020
iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max 2020

if your iPhone won't Turn on, After you take the above solutions, please be brought to the nearest service center.

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