iPhone 12 User Guide, Get it Now and FREE in PDF!

Does iPhone 12 already convey to your hand or city? Of course, you think to search the iPhone 12 user guide! Unluckily, you cannot find it inside the phone. Even, you will not download it on the internet carelessly. 

Moreover, the manufacturer does not provide ios 14 user guide pdf or Apple iPhone iOS 14 user guide in PDF version. So, is there any way to get this essential information instruction? Calm down and follow this page to get it freely and officially. Okay, let's go! 

If you read the reference regarding the iPhone 12 Pro user guide pdf, iphone 12 mini user guide pdf or the iPhone 12 Pro user guide pdf download, this article can be taken into consideration. Now Apple doesn't provide a pdf. But if you want it, we will update it in the next article. 

iPhone 12 User Guide
iPhone 12 User Guide

Why do you need the iPhone 12 User Guide?

There are some strong reasons to answer the question above! At least, the users become more confident to control and manage their iPhone using the user guide. Besides assisting in managing the use, the iPhone 12 user guide is extremely useful for beginners. So, the communication device that uses iOS 14 will work better. 

Here, you will get the information on getting the user guide. It turns out you can see the content of the user guide below:

1. Welcome

Apple greets you and ready to help you where it shows on the initial page.

2. Show the supported iPhone model

It demonstrates the model of the iPhone that you hold. For example, is iPhone 12 is the gadget that you have.

3. iOS 14 information

Next, the user guide explains the iOS 14 that is new in iPhone in detail. In this chapter, you will know about the setting up, how to start it, basics, apps, and Siri. There are also family sharing, screen time, accessories, CarPlay, and many more.

4. Copyright

Lastly, this book confirms the copyright of the iPhone 12!

iPhone 12 User Guide
Why do you need the iPhone 12 User Guide?

2 Ways of having User Guide for iPhone 12 quickly!

Same to the prior user guides, Apple gives freedom for the users about how to start utilizing it. The iPhone 12 user guide allows you to use it according to your necessary. It implies you may use the user guide for knowing how to set or restart the iPhone. 

Well, it is a piece of cake and you need more information about how to get it. There are two ways for getting this latest iPhone user guide using iOS14:

• Utilize Apple Book

It merely needs three steps for downloading through your iPhone 12. After opening the Books apps, you must go to "Search" for typing the iPhone User Guide. It is the second step and the last is by tapping the Get button and let it downloads alone.

• Watch on Safari

Click https://support.apple.com/guide/iphone to see your iPhone user guide but it is not the only one. You can use Add Bookmark or Add to Home Screen as the other alternatives in the safari.

User Guide for iPhone 12
User Guide for iPhone 12

You do not need an internet connection for reading the iPhone 12 user guide in the Books apps. So, you can open and perceive it anytime and anywhere. Thus, Apple just tries to present something different in providing the user guide. You must be more active in following Apple both from the official websites and the other sources. Share this information with everyone until the beginners get it too. It must share as large as possible. Good luck!