10 Ways To Fix My iPhone Battery is Draining Fast

My iPhone Battery is Draining Fast
My iPhone Battery is Draining Fast 

My iPhone Battery is Draining Fast 

Why is my iPhone battery is draining fast? This is usually what happens when you update the main system software on your iPhone. This can also happen when updating iOS 15.4.

For some of these smartphone users, updating to iOS 15 went without a problem. But there are those who feel that the iPhone battery draining quickly after updating.

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How To Fix iPhone battery draining quickly?

Here are some of the reasons for iPhone battery draining quickly and Try doing one of the steps below:

1. Just Update the Latest iOS Software

If you update to iOS 15 after that battery draining on iPhone, Try to wait a while.

It sounds ridiculous that funds are not the main solution. However, the newly updated iOS will have to make some adjustments both to the system, indexing, and other tasks after the update is done.

At that time the smartphone will use more battery power. So be patient a little if you just do the update.

2. Update Old iOS to Newest

This is not general advice. However, it must be ensured that by the time you update to the latest software update, iPhone battery draining fast will be resolved immediately.

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What you should do is periodically check into the new iOS update/update menu by going to Settings > General > Software Update, and tapping “Download and Install”.

It is intended when new software is available on your smartphone.

It should be noted, always make a backup / backup iPhone before updating. For example, iOS 15 appeared a few months later, the latest version appeared 15.03 (even 15.04).

This update is for bug fixes, and/or for my iPhone battery is draining fast issues. Usually resolved in the update.

3. Update Applications on iPhone

Updating the applications installed on your smartphone will be very useful to ensure compatibility with the latest iOS versions. This is one solution to iPhone losing battery fast.

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The first step is to open the App Store > tap your Apple ID profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen > Scroll down and select “Update All”. If you have done it immediately restart your smartphone.

4. Try to find the installed application that uses the most battery

All you have to do is go to Settings > Battery.

What usually results in the battery being wasteful is one of the video streaming applications or games. If you do not use it can stop the application.

5. Checking Battery Health

It is common to do this by periodically checking the health of the device battery, if it is much lower than 80%, it may be a good idea to replace the device battery. Although this is not related to the iOS 15 update.

6. Disable Background Apps Refresh

The next step is to disable background apps refresh (Disable Background App Refresh) to be one solution to extend battery life.

Many iPhone users will not notice the difference in the way their iPhone operates.

First Go to Settings > General > Then Refresh Background Apps and turn this off immediately.

One of the apps like Spotify can drain battery life in iOS 15. Disabling Background App Refresh will be effective for iPhone battery dies quickly.

7. Make sure you are using Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is also one of the solutions to extend the battery life of iPhone devices. This mode is available for iPhone users.

Try enabling it immediately from Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode to ON. Low Power Mode can be activated via Control Center.

8. Lower Screen Brightness

The brightness of your screen is one of the factors that can help battery dying fast iPhone. When this is done the device uses less battery power.

how to adjust screen brightness via Settings > Display & Brightness and using the slider. Or make screen brightness adjustments via Control Center.

9. Disable Location Services

It usually happens that Location Services is great and necessary for the Maps app, when you use an online transportation service, or use a food delivery app, you usually forget to turn it off after use.

Location usage will be very battery draining, immediately disabling unwanted location usage can help with the issue.

Immediately go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and select the app to disable the use of that location. Then Set Location Access to “Never” or “Ask Next Time”.

10. Restart iPhone

The last solution is the use of wasteful battery data can be solved by restarting, you can try.

Reboot on iPhone can be done with Face ID > press volume up button > then volume down button > then hold side/power button until you see Apple logo > Release immediately.

Modal iPhone is done by pressing the physical home button > press and hold the power button and home button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo on the screen to reboot.


my iPhone battery is draining fast? Are you still having problems with iOS 15 on your iPhone, especially on battery life, have the tips above not been able to help you?

Let us know about those experiences with iOS 15 in the comments below, so we can update them in the next article. May be useful.

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